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Department of Basic Science and Humanities (BSH)


About Us

The Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities (BSH) initiating its journey since the inception of the University in 2015, is a multidisciplinary department housing four different domains namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Humanities. As an integral part of the institute, the Department plays a pivotal role in disseminating knowledge par excellence to the first year B.Tech students both in the fields of Basic Sciences as well as in English and Soft Skills. The Department strictly adhering to the AICTE approved course module divides the entire first year curriculum into two major divisions:

  1. Scholastic Activities
  2. Non-Scholastic Activities

Scholastic Activities

  • Induction Module
  • The regular teaching-learning process for the first year B.Tech students initiate with the three -weeks Induction Module bridging the transition from SCHOOL to COLLEGE.

  • Teaching-Learning Methodology
  • The teaching -learning methodology is promoted thoroughly through classroom teaching and practical experimentations. The Department has the state-of-art Physics Lab and Chemistry Lab to practice hands-on laboratory sessions. Likewise, the Language Laboratory plays a vital role in framing the communication and soft-skill acumen of the individual students. However, apart from the regular curricula multifarious co-curricular activities like the Olympiads in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry are organized on a regular basis to groom the analytical and cognitive skills of the individual students.

  • Invited Lecture/Talk Series
  • Regular invited lecture/talk series by veteran academicians of national and international stature stand as the flagship event of the Department.

  • On-Line MOOCs Courses
  • The students are encouraged to register for online MOOCS certified courses like NPTEL and SWAYAM to name a few.

Non-scholastic Activities

  • Extra/Co-curricular engagements
  • Students are encouraged to participate in several extra/co-curricular activities including summer camps on robotics, physics and mathematics, attending workshops, participating in debate, poster competitions, essay competitions, music, plantation workshops and sports to showcase their innate talents both at the inter/intra-college levels.

    The scholarly acumen of the Departmental students on a further note remains counterpoised with multifarious achievements of the Departmental faculty members encompassing academic and research wings. Prolific and erudite team of faculty members with excellent academic credentials of national and international repute contribute harmoniously to the holistic growth of the Department. Regular online registration and enrollment in numerous MOOC courses, publication in reputed journals, patent filing, research grant sanctioning and winning accolades by the

    departmental faculty members shine the academic brilliance and research exuberance of the said department.

  • Faculty Academic Excellence
  • The consecutive academic brilliance attained by the Departmental faculty members through scoring high marks in MOOCs (NPTEL/ SWAYAM) courses have added the feather of academic brilliance, ranking UEM Kolkata first in the Local NPTEL Chapter.

  • Departmental Research Out-reach
  • (Departmental Journal)- The rich gamut of eminently dedicated faculty members remains actively involved in promoting the publication of the intra departmental journals (American Journal of Physical Sciences and Applications (AJPSA) (ISSN 2644-0792.) and American Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing (ISSN: Online: 2689 – 9957),

  • Research Publications
  • Regular publication by the Departmental faculty members in journals of national and international recognition with High-Index Factor, book chapter publication with ISSN and ISBN numbers, publications in SCI, SSCI, SCOPUS Indexed, UGC CARE, Web of Science rated journals highlights the high academic attainment of the faculty members.

  • Patent Filing
  • Filing of patents both at the national and international levels by the departmental faculty members remain a requisite criterion for attaining the academic benchmark of the Department.

  • Project Funding
  • The departmental faculty members remain proactive in forwarding project proposal both at national and international levels thereby sanctioning the project grants from research funding agencies of high repute.

  • Awards and Accolades
  • Accolades, awards and appreciations from national and international organizations to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of the Departmental faculty members in the fields of academic and research accomplishments wreathe laurels of success down the timeline.

Our Mission

  • To train budding minds through dedicated teaching, dissemination of knowledge, commitment and innovative instructional methods in the fields of Science, Engineering and Humanities.
  • To create young technocrats endowed with experimental, analytical, computational acumen to face the global challenges.
  • To propagate inter-disciplinary research activities in fields of engineering and social sciences.
  • To encourage students not only in their academic pursuits, but create a congenial learning environment to promote their holistic growth and development.
  • To develop young learners socially responsible and ethically good citizens of the nation.

Our Vision

  • To be globally recognized as the center of excellence in the fields of education and research out-reach.
  • To widen the broader intellectual perspective and enhance entrepreneurship qualities to produce global leaders in the fields of innovation, science and technology.
  • To inculcate ethical values and promote social responsibility through an innovative teaching learning process.