Rules & Regulations

The award of the Ph.D. degree is in recognition of high quality academic achievements, independent research and application of scientific knowledge to provide the solution of technical, societal, managerial and scientific problems. Creative, systematic scientific and analytical inquiry is the basic concept underlying the research work. The Ph.D. programme whether fulltime, part time or external registration comprises: (i) Course Work, (ii) A Comprehensive Examination (written & or Oral), (iii) a Research Proposal, a Pre PhD submission Synopsis followed by a submission of the dissertation / thesis.

At the end of course work, a research proposal is to be presented before the Doctoral Research Board and approval by the Board will be sought for the Registration of the proposed research work. After completing the research work, a pre-Ph.D. synopsis is to be presented to the Research Committee. After about 2 months, the final thesis is then to be submitted.