1. A doctoral thesis shall be an original contribution to knowledge by a candidate and must bear evidence that the candidate has carried out individual investigations in her/his chosen field.
  2. S/he shall state in the preface, on which basis the work has been done and how the work contributes to the general advancement of knowledge. S/he shall also state the sources from which information have been derived and shall indicate which portion(s) of her/his thesis s/he claims as her/his original contribution.
  3. A candidate shall not submit her/his thesis for any work, for which a degree or diploma or other academic award has been conferred on her/him by the University or any other university or institution but may incorporate as part of the thesis any such earlier work with proper citation/reference.
  4. A candidate shall not incorporate in her/his thesis any work or part of work done by someone-else of the University or outside the University, published in any journal or unpublished, as her/his own work.
  5. Plagiarism in a research proposal, thesis / any part of it will be checked by standard software and if it is found that any portion of the research proposal /thesis have been copied directly from any published paper, text of any book or any published book chapter / document, the Doctoral Committee has right to cancel the registration / enrollment of the Ph.D. candidate.