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Space Observatory

UEMK Space Observatory is the place to explore the night sky with a powerful telescope. This space observatory is named as “Prof. Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri Centre for Astronomical Research (AKRCAR)”. We are using Skywatcher EQ6 Pro telescope which is reflecting type of telescope. Reflecting telescope means a telescope that uses a single or a combination of curved mirrors that reflect light and form an image. Mirror is better than lenses because mirrors are lighter and they are easier than lenses to make perfectly smooth. We are using 2” barlow 2xED lens for double magnification, 1.25” eyepiece WA 6 mm to view the planet properly and 2” eyepiece LE 42 mm to view deep sky. We have kept this telescope inside a 9.85 feet diameter Dome.

This centre is expected to primarily explore the following activities:

  1. Observing various astronomical events, recording them and regularly publishing them for general awareness.
  2. Inviting school children, general public and interested persons to visit the centre and be enlightened in the field of astronomy.
  3. Establishing a Research Advisory Committee for exploring cutting-edge research in the field of astronomy.
  4. Exploring various research activities related to astronomy involving stakeholders.
  5. Organising seminars, workshops, conferences based on research findings of the centre as well as various global sources available.
  6. Developing state-of-the-art infrastructure to support various astronomical observations, research and related activities.
  7. Establishing collaborative relationship with Astronomical centres of national and international reputation.


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