Privileges and obligations

  1. A registered candidate shall work under the guidance of the Supervisor(s) recommended by the Doctorate Committee and as approved by the Vice Chancellor.
  2. A registered candidate shall abide by the Ph.D. regulations and other provisions as may be prescribed by the Doctorate Committee from time to time.
  3. A fee as determined by the University shall be paid by a registered candidate for appearing in the examination for the course(s) prescribed.
  4. A registered candidate shall submit a progress report in duplicate to the office of the concerned Faculty Council through the Supervisor(s) once in every completed semester of research, which shall be done within a maximum period of one month on completion of such semester. Failure to submit the progress report continuously for two semesters, shall amount to the cancellation of the registration of the said candidate. However the Candidate may represent the case for restoration along with Supervisor’s recommendation to the Doctoral Committee of the University within three months time of its cancellation. Candidate shall be informed the outcome of the Doctoral Committee decision through Dean’s office.
  5. A registered Ph.D. candidate will be eligible to have registered e-mail id under the name of the University, like by which s/he will be able to open account in Research Gate and other similar research portals to access different on-line journals/ research papers for her / his discipline.
  6. A registered candidate will be able to take membership of University library facility.