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Conditions for whole time employees

  1. In exceptional cases, a whole-time employee of a University may apply through her/his Head of Office, to the Doctorate Committee for permission to do research work for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and if the Committee recommends that s/he is a fit candidate, the Chancellor may allow her/him to do research work in the University for a Ph.D. degree along with her/his normal duties in the University, subject to the conditions as laid down for pursuing a Ph.D. programme by a registered candidate.
  2. Such an application shall be made through the Head of the Department/Director of the School, to which the subject matter of the thesis relates.
  3. The Doctorate Committee may grant such permission if it is satisfied that the applicant has carried out research for at least two years, based on the list of publications. Upon granting of permission and the payment of the registration fees, the names of such applicants shall be entered in the register of candidates for Ph.D. degree programme of relevant Faculty Council. Requirements, such as course work and evidence of publications in refereed journals, or any other as may be notified from time to time, shall be fulfilled and noted in the records of the candidate. On permission from the Doctorate Committee, the candidate may submit her/his thesis according to the regulations. Such an employee shall be giving an undertaking at the time of her/his registration that s/he, if awarded the Ph.D. degree, shall give service to the University for at least five years on receiving the Ph.D. degree, if s/he is otherwise eligible.