Examination of a thesis

  1. The Doctorate Committee shall recommend names of four persons who are well known authorities in the subject for appointment as external examiners of a thesis by considering a list of at least six experts as submitted by the Supervisor(s). Such persons shall neither be teachers of the University nor persons who are supervising other candidates for the Ph.D. degree and registered in the University.
  2. On the recommendation of the Doctorate Committee as above, a Board of Examiners, consisting of two external experts (at least one from abroad preferably) and the supervisor(s) under whose guidance the candidate worked, shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor.
  3. An examiner of a thesis will be requested to state their opinion in the prescribed form that has the following options:
    • The candidate may be awarded the Ph.D. degree of the University.
    • The candidate may be awarded the Ph.D. degree of the University provided that some modifications, as suggested by the examiner, are addressed in a separate addendum to the thesis. The examiners present at the viva voce examination of the thesis will certify that the modifications are satisfactorily addressed, failing which the thesis shall be resubmitted on addressing the suggested modifications and examined again.
    • The candidate may be awarded the Ph.D. degree only after addressing some queries as may be forwarded by the examiner and on resubmission of the thesis and subsequent examination of the thesis. The candidate shall not be awarded the Ph.D. degree of the University.
    • A detailed individual report on a thesis shall also be signed by each examiner and forwarded to the University.
    • A thesis, which has been directed to be resubmitted by at least one of the examiners, may be submitted again after due revision, modification or alteration but not earlier than four months from the date of communication of the recommendation to the candidate and a fee, as decided by the University, shall be paid at the time of resubmission of the thesis. Examiners appointed under the above clause4.15.2 will examine the resubmitted thesis. A thesis will be resubmitted only once and the candidate shall be debarred from carrying out further research work in the University for any Research Degree.
    • If there is a difference of opinion in the recommendations of the examiners, all the reports and the thesis will be sent to a third external examiner appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, who will act as Special Adjudicator and her/his recommendation will be considered as final, subject to the approval of the Doctorate Committee and of the Vice- Chancellor.
    • If the external examiners reject the thesis, it shall not be further processed for award of the Ph.D. degree of the University and it will be considered as rejected.
    • If the external examiners are of the opinion that the candidate may be awarded the degree or in case of a favorable opinion of the special adjudicator, s/he will be asked to appear at a viva voce examination.