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Department of Mechanical Engineering

About Us:

The University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Kolkata is a private university located in New Town, Kolkata. It provides engineering, technological & management education. It was established in 2015 by IEM Trust, Act no. XXV and it is the third engineering institution founded by the IEM-UEM Group. This university is administrated by the Institute of Engineering and Management (IEM) education group trust. Mechanical Engineering Department started its journey in July 2015 in UEM Kolkata. The department thrives to provide its students with excellent curriculum and knowledge based on practical demonstrations and prepare them for the industry. We are also aware about the influence of IT industry in our daily life and the industry we are dependent on. Therefore, we want our students to know the basic concepts of programming in C, python and JAVA along with the concept of database management system and data science which includes the use of artificial intelligence using machine learning. Along with the mechanical engineering core discipline subjects, our students get in depth knowledge about the IT subjects which they can utilize to solve the mechanical engineering problems that they face in the industry. We compel our students to appear for NPTEL exams in the subjects of their choice where they can get knowledge from national level teachers from IITs and IISC and score at least 20 credit points in the course of their graduation for getting an honors along with their degree. This also provides the flexibility for the students to study the subjects/courses of their choice. There is need to allow the flexibility in education system, so that students depending upon their interests can choose inter-disciplinary, intra-disciplinary and skill-based courses. The students are involved in different project work which provides them with hands on experience and team building skills.


To provide proficient technical and morally motivated young minds with outcome-based education of international reputation and adopt itself to the rapid advancement in the field of Mechanical Engineering related disciplines with global aspect towards the betterment of mankind.


  • To educate our students so that they will be apply their positive attitude through research and professional practice understanding of the concepts of mechanical engineering and develop an interest for lifelong learning.
  • To encourage teachers to adapt to innovative teaching learning process focusing on example-based teaching in line with contemporary trends and feedbacks from all stakeholders.
  • To promote a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and start- ups among the students.
  • To encourage the students to imbibe the concept of corporate social responsibility.

The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Department is to deliver a good learning based teaching process so as the students get fun to learn the fundamentals and develop sound knowledge. The focus is to accompany them with the industrial and real life scenarios.  So after passing every engineering graduate will be directly ready to serve the industry. They will also prepared and motivated with a strong foundation for higher studies.