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Paper Publications

Books Published:
Sl no Name Details
1 Networks and System Dr. A.Chakrabarty, Sanjay Bhadra, Dhanpat Rai Publications
2 Electrical Technology N.K.Mondal,Nabaprakhani,Kolkata
3 Basic Electrical Engineering N.K.Mondal,Nabaprakhani,Kolkata
4 Basic Electrical &ElectronicsEngineering N.K.Mondal,Nabaprakhani,Kolkata
Name Designation RESEARCH AREAS Achievement
Mr. SANJAY BHADRA Assistant Professor (HOD, EE) Non Linear Control Systems, Signal Processing, Power System, Renewable Energy IETE Council Award
Dr. NIRANJAN KUMAR MANDAL Professor, Controller of Examination Control system, Renewable Energy and Wireless Communication Assistant Director (AICTE, New Delhi), “MOONIZ RAJA AWARD”  for Excellent contribution in Science and Technology (1998)
Mr. SUBHOJIT PAUL Assistant Professor Smart Grid, Protection of Micro Grid, Optimization in Power System Best Teachers Award 2018, UEMK
Mr. ARIJIT GANGULY Assistant Professor Optimization in Power System, Power System Analysis Received best paper award in IEEE Conference ‘Optronix 2017‘. Received Certificate of outstanding Contributor award for DST INSPIRE   CAMP 2016 held at UEM
Mrs. ISHITA GHOSH Assistant Professor Optimization in Power System Gold Medal in M.Tech in Electrical Engineering under MAKAUT in 2017
Mr. SOUMYENDU BANERJEE Assistant Professor Digital signal processing,  Optimization , Machine learning Student of the Year: Awarded as the best student in graduation
Mr. ABHISHEK ROY CHOUDHURY Assistant Professor Smart Grids, Artificial Intelligence
Research Paper Published:
International Conference Papers
Sl no Name Details
1 Sanjay Bhadra “Analytical study of primary user emulation attack detection techniques in cognitive radio adhoc network” ”, 2017 IEEE 7thAnnual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics & Mobile Computing(UEMCON)
2 Sanjay Bhadra “MATLAB GUI based simulation framework for spintronics”,  2017 IEEE 7thAnnual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics & Mobile Computing(UEMCON)
3 Sanjay Bhadra “Smart home cleansing appliance-an initiative for smart living”, ”, 2017 IEEE 7thAnnual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics & Mobile Computing(UEMCON)
4 Sanjay Bhadra “HCS based PLA adder gate using MATLAB”,OPTRONIX 2017
5 Sanjay Bhadra “Hybrid CMOS SET based expandable Hardware”, OPTRONIX 2017
6 Sanjay Bhadra Hybrid CMOS SET based Gray to Binary code convertor,” OPTRONIX 2017
7 Sanjay Bhadra “Room temperature operable single electronic encoded logic ALU design”, OPTRONIX 2017
8 Sanjay Bhadra “Equality detector – an attempt for commercial spintronics design”, OPTRONIX 2017
9 Sanjay Bhadra “A case study of spin computing device using MATLAB”, OPTRONIX 2017
10 Sanjay Bhadra “Single electron encoded logic decision making system-a case study”, OPTRONIX 2017
11 ArijitGanguly,Rumrum Banerjee “An analytical approach to improve stability and to enhance active and reactive power profile of a grid network mainly under fault condition”, OPTRONIX 2017
12 DipankarSarkar,PurbadriGhosal “ECG beat quality assessment using self organizing map”, OPTRONIX 2017
13 ArijitGanguly “Modeling and performance analysis of multiple area power system” OPTRONIX 2017
14 Dr.NKMondal “Study of the performance of a rotary kill of a cement manufacturing industry using PID controller”, OPTRONIX 2017
15 Dr.NKMondal “Approximation of BW for interactive operation in video on demand system”vIEEE Conference,5th October,2017.
International Journal Papers
16 Dr N K Mondal “Design of a controllable adder sub tractor circuit using quantum dot cellular automata”IOSR Journal of electronics and electrical engineering,vol12Issue 4pp 44-59/DOI:10.9790/1676-1204034459 Dec 2017International Journal
17 Dr N K Mondal “Hydrogen fuel gas generation  from organic wastes using photo activated metal catalyst”, South African Journalof Chemical engineering(ELSIVIER),vol23,pp123-135/DOI.org: 10.1016/j.sajce.2017.05.001 Dec 2017International Journal
18 Rumrum Banerjee “Modeling and Simulation of DC Motor Speed Regulation by Field Current Control Using MATLAB”,International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering (IJCEE) ,2017 Vol.9(2): 502-512 ISSN: 1793-8163  DOI: 10.17706/IJCEE.2017.9.2.502-512.Volume 9 Number 2(Dec. 2017)
19 Dr N K Mondal “A novel design of Flip Flop circuits using quantum dot cellular automata”,Proceedings of IEEE CCWC, Canada Jan 2018International  Conference
22 Dr N K Mondal “Study of the Performance of a Control System for tracking the position of Enemy’s Aero-Craft using Positioned Servomechanism and Integral Controller”,International Journal of trend in Research and Development,e-ISSN:2394-9333,Volume.5,Issue 2,March-April 2018
23 Rumrum Banerjee “Model order reduction using orthogonal hybrid function approximation in continuous time domain”,IEEE Conference(ICRTCST),April 2018
24 Sanjay Bhadra “Hypothetical modeling of single spin logic based Booth’s Multiplier IC”,Springer Nature,PTE,2017,ISBN:10.1007/978-981-10-3908-9-78Proceedings in Physics194,2017.
25 Sanjay Bhadra “Analytical study of high speed low power consuming reversible nano device CPLD” Springer Nature,PTE,2017,ISBN:10.1007/978-981-10-3908-9-76 Proceedings in Physics194,2017.
26 Sanjay Bhadra “Analytical model of hybrid CMOS SET Rijndael cryptography” Springer Nature,PTE,2017,ISBN:10.1007/978-981-10-3908-9-59 Proceedings in Physics194,2017.
27 Sanjay Bhadra “Reversible logic gates based on single spin logic” Springer Nature,PTE,2017,ISBN:10.1007/978-981-10-3908-9-77 Proceedings in Physics194,2017.
28 Sanjay Bhadra “Designing comprehensive tool  for analytical modeling of single spin logic” Springer Nature,PTE,2017,ISBN:10.1007/978-981-10-3908-9-79 Proceedings in Physics194,2017.
29 N.K.Mondal “Video traffic analytic for large scale surveillance” Springer USA,pp 1-28 year2016,DOI:1007/s110 42-016-3075
30 N.K.Mondal “Enhancement of video streaming in distributed hybrid advances in multimedia” HINDWAI USA pp1-14 DOI:101155/2016/5429187 Year 2016
31 N.K.Mondal “E health monitoring system enhancement with Gaussian mixture model multi tool application” SPRINGER USA pp1-23DOI:10.1007/s11042-0163059- 9 year2016.
32 N.K.Mondal “Video traffic analysis in distributed system during interactive session: advances in multimedia” HINDWAI USA, pp23-35,DOI:10.1155/1016/7829570 year2016.
33 N.K.Mondal “Comparative study of performance analysis of multicast routing protocol of MAODV & ODMRP in mobile adhoc network using qualnet”International journal of emerging technology and advanced engineering ISSN:22502459 pp261-266.
34 N.K.Mondal “Study of the performance of automatic electrical control system for anaesthetia control of a patient in a clinic” International journal of emerging technology and advanced engineering ISSN: 22502459 pp47-50vol5(3)
35 N.K.Mondal “Study of the performance of the control system used for controlling thickness of steel plate produced by rolling mill in steel industry” International journal of emerging technology and advanced engineering ISSN: 22502459 pp 68-73 vol-4(9)
36 N.K.Mondal “Calcite solubilisation by bacteria:a novel method of environmental pollution control” Geomicrobiology Journal Taylor Francis DOI.org/10.10080/01490451.2015.1010755 pp846-852 vol32
37 N.K.Mondal “ Study of the performance of a control system used for controlling the ph of water in a waste water treatment plant” International journal of recent scientific research ISSN 09763031 pp1020-1024 vol1(2)
38 Subhojit Paul “Implementation of optical character recognition technology with pollution measurement using olfactory” International Journal of science & research ISSN:2319-7064 vol7 issue 1(2018)
39 Subhojit Paul “Photo restoration using open cv in python: A computer vision based project” International Journal of science & research ISSN:2319-7064 vol7 issue 1(2018)
40 Sanjay Bhadra “Monte carlo based single electron transistor modeling of decision making hardware design and its performance analysis”International journal of engineering research and general science 3.843 ISSN 20912730 pp2015-2021 vol3 issue 3 (2015)
41 Sanjay Bhadra “Design and modeling of hybrid CMOS SET based parity generator nano IC” International journal of science engineering and technology research ISSN 22787798  pp2423-2425 vol4 issue 7 2015
42 Sanjay Bhadra “Hybrid CMOS SET decision making nano IC-a case study” ” International journal of science engineering and technology research ISSN 22787798  pp1767-1772 vol4 issue6 2015
43 Sanjay Bhadra “SIMON 2.0 simulation of threshold logic gate oriented next generation nano memory cell” International journal of science engineering and technology research ISSN 22787798  pp1503-1506 vol4 issue5 2015
44 Sanjay Bhadra “Implementation of low power consuming hybrid CMOS SET devices for staircase lightening: a case for decision making subsystem” International journal of scientific engineering and technology research ISSN 23198885  pp1878-1881 vol4 issue10 2015
45 Sanjay Bhadra “Modeling of next generation memory cell using low power consuming high speed nano device” International journal of research in engineering & technology ISSN :23191163 pp670-675 vol4 issue 4(2015)
46 Sanjay Bhadra “ Synthesizing of SET based indirect logic nano IC for pulse train generation” International journal for research and development in technology ISSN:234938585 pp1-5 vol4 issue 2 2015
47 Sanjay Bhadra “Modeling of MIB based SPLD s for future computing” International journal for research in applied science and engineering technology ISSN:23219653 pp1-4 vol3 issue 4 2015
48 Sanjay Bhadra “SET made nano hybrid counters for advanced high speed computing”Journal of advanced research in computer science and software ISSN:227728X  pp1354-1358 vol 5 issue 4 2015
49 Sanjay Bhadra “Design and modeling of hybrid CMOS SET based comparator for next generation IC” International journal of mechanical and civil engineering ISSN:22781864  pp10-11vol 3 issue 4 2016
50 Sanjay Bhadra “Single electron transistor made nano IC adder for high speed computing” International journal of scientific research in science engineering and technology ISSN:23951990  pp551-561 vol2 issue 3 2016
51 Sanjay Bhadra “Designing a programmable logic array using single spin logic for next generation nano scale device” International journal of mechanical and civil engineering ISSN:22781864  pp19-21vol 3 issue 4 2016

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Press Releases

Dr. Satyajit Chakrabarti featured in The Bengal Post

IEM Trust opens varsity in Jaipur reported by TOI

Celebration of E-week in association with NEN

Robotics Workshop reported by Guardian


World champion by developing a gaming console (Amantron Gaming console)

IEEE Maker project, IEEE, USA – 2016

Champion East

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2011-2016

Champions Runner-up Award, West

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2016

Rated Silver A+++ Business School

“Just Careers” Magazine, 2011

Best Debutant Award, West

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2015

3rd amongst all Government & Private Colleges in West Bengal

The Telegraph, 2009

One amonst the two finalists from India by dreveloping their own innovative Car

International BAJA SAE Motosports Competition

Outstanding Engineering Institute in Eastern India

Star News, 2011

1st amongst all students of India including all IITs and NITs

NPTEL program (IIT Kharagpur and IIT Chennai), 2016