Submission of thesis

  1. A registered candidate shall work for a minimum period of two years after registration. If the Supervisor(s) certify that the candidate has carried out research for two years and that the thesis embodies at least two years’ work, the Doctorate Committee may permit a candidate to submit his/her thesis one year after the successful completion of course work mentioned under sub-clauses 4.4.2, 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 under the clause 4.4, but not before completion of two years after registration.
  2. A student shall have 2 out of which one publication in an internationally referred journal, out of his/her doctoral research work prior to submission and shall produce evidence for the same in the form of a letter of acceptance for publication or an offprint, to the Doctorate Committee.
  3. Before submission of the thesis, a registered student, who has satisfactorily completed the prescribed course work following the above clause, shall present his/her work at a meeting of the Ph.D. Research Committee. Other researchers and members of the faculty of the department concerned will be invited with a notice of at least three days to attend such a meeting.