Constitution of Doctorate Committee

The Doctorate Committee of each researcher will comprise :

(a) Vice Chancellor – Chairperson,

(b) Pro-Vice Chancellor (R&D) – Vice-Chairperson

(c) Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic) – Vice-Chairperson

(d) Dean of the concerned Faculty Council – Member

(e) Head of the Department concerned – Member

(f) Preferably 2 outside Expert/Scientist/Industry Executive, nominated By the Vice- Chancellor – Member

(g) The Controller of Examinations – Member

(h) A Professor of the University looking after Ph.D. programme of the University, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor – Member-Secretary.

Five members will form a quorum for a meeting of the Committee.

Each Doctorate Committee shall fix the number of students to be admitted in the Ph.D. programmes in different disciplines in a session
(January – June and July to December in every year).

Admission test schedule will be notified at least once in every year.