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Patent Number/Copyright Applicant Name Inventors (Name of Faculty/Students) Patents Title Website where patent can be found
201811016162 UEM Jaipur UEM Jaipur A Secured Framework For Encrypted
Messaging Service For Smart Device
201811016161 UEM Jaipur UEM Jaipur An Iot Framework For Reconfigurable
Smart Sensor Interface Of Wireless
Sensor Network
201811020372 Ratul Dey
Sopan Dey
Ratul Dey Iot Based Control Unit For Electrical Door Locking System www.uem.edu.in
201811022134 Ratul Dey
Sopan Dey
Ratul Dey Low Cost Ultrasonic Smart
Glasses For Blind
201811024726 Ratul Dey
Sopan Dey
Ratul Dey Point To Point And Multi-Point To Point Acoustic Modem For Ultrasonic Data Communication www.uem.edu.in
201811048647 Afaq Ahmad Afaq Ahmad Iot Based Green Power Home Automation Device www.uem.edu.in
201811048645 Pratiksha Gautam
Afaq Ahmad
Pratiksha Gautam An Automatic Evaluation Framework For Injecting And Detecting Duplicated Code www.uem.edu.in
201911001740 Ritam Mallick Ritam Mallick E Skate And Scooter www.uem.edu.in
201911006949 Bipasha Mukherjee Bipasha Mukherjee Portable Trave Lkit www.uem.edu.in
201911006948 Pratiksha Gautam Pratiksha Gautam Inomech Vechicle Automation System www.uem.edu.in
201911006951 Shopan Dey
Mrinal Kanti Sarkar
Pradeep Kumar Sharma
Gunjan paul
Ashis Kumar Singh
Mrinal Kanti Sarkar
Pradeep Kumar Sharma
Three-Dimensional (3d) Usb Mouse And Android Based 3d Air Mouse System www.uem.edu.in
201911010622 Ravindra Maanju Ravindra Maanju LPG Based Mini Refrigerator www.uem.edu.in
201911010619 Shopan Dey
Pradeep Kumar Sharma
Sauvik Bal
Sagarika Ghosh
Pradeep Kumar Sharma
Sauvik Bal
Sagarika Ghosh
A Table Mount Digital Name Badge With Photo www.uem.edu.in
201911010620 Shopan Dey
Shatabdi Basu
Aniruddha Mukherjee
Shatabdi Basu
Aniruddha Mukherjee
Multipurpose Military Robot For Bomb Disposal And Surveillance www.uem.edu.in
201911010621 Mrinal Kanti Sarkar
Sanjay Kumar
Rupayan Das
Mrinal Kanti Sarkar
Rupayan Das
A Framework To Ensure Data Storage Security In Cloud Computing Based On Hybrid Encryption Schemes www.uem.edu.in
202011035976 UEM Jaipur Prof. Dr. Pradeep Sharma A Novel Intelligent Software based Cardiovascular Monitoring System www.uem.edu.in
201911019831 Anirban Das Anirban Das et al A novel approach to realize business profit on the basis of linear dependency, exponential growth and moving average www.uem.edu.in
201931043980 Anirban Das Anirban Das et al RYO, an intelligent rover to send stress signals in emergency through 360 degree single hemispheric surveillance www.uem.edu.in
201931043977 Anirban Das Anirban Das et al VRTRA JABBERWOKY, an Intelligent hexa-copter to identify individuals through DNA and Tissue classification www.uem.edu.in
201931043978 Anirban Das Anirban Das et al An MIOT based Technique to detect the Probability of Brain Cancer through Extraction, Isolation And PCR www.uem.edu.in
201931043975 Anirban Das Anirban Das et al A tri folded Intelligent System to pre-monitor and predict tsunami, flood and earthquake based disasters and guide safer directions prior to occurrence www.uem.edu.in
201911043976 Anirban Das Anirban Das et al A decentralized system to rescue victims from natural and manmade post disasters through DTN, Offline Route Builder and Tracker www.uem.edu.in
201911048042 Anirban Das Anirban Das et al Security and computational time complexity analysis of RSA with novel approach of variability concept of key www.uem.edu.in
202011002303 Anirban Das Anirban Das et al A Method for Security Enhancement of Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol www.uem.edu.in
202011007658 Anirban Das Anirban Das et al A technique for implementing security protocol using variable key for Diffie –Hellman Key exchange, arbitrated protocol and cipher using imaginary variable concept www.uem.edu.in
202011019051 Anirban Das Anirban Das et al A technique for implementing security protocol using variable key in context to key sequence, curves and AES www.uem.edu.in
202041034535 Anirban Das Anirban Das et al IoT and Sensors Based System and Method for Artificial Kidney www.uem.edu.in

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Action Taken Report on free vaccination for 18-44 years age group starting from 21st June 2021
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Exercises for Stress and Anxiety relief
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An interview of Prof. Dr. Biswajoy Chatterjee, Vice-Chancellor, UEM JAIPUR, published with Business Remedies newspaper
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Press Releases

News published in Rajasthan Patrika dated 5th July, 2020 regarding Ph.D program at the UEM Jaipur

News releases in leading newspapers of Rajasthan regarding UEM Jaipur being awarded 1 out of 12 leading institutes of the country (1st in Rajasthan) with the E-Lead Certificate for providing online learning by QS – the most prestigious award on globe

Press Release in Dainik Bhaskar regarding complete online continuation of classes, laboratories and exams at the UEM Jaipur

Dr. Satyajit Chakrabarti featured in The Bengal Post


World champion by developing a gaming console (Amantron Gaming console)

IEEE Maker project, IEEE, USA – 2016

Champion East

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2011-2016

Champions Runner-up Award, West

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2016

Rated Silver A+++ Business School

“Just Careers” Magazine, 2011

Best Debutant Award, West

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2015

3rd amongst all Government & Private Colleges in West Bengal

The Telegraph, 2009

One amonst the two finalists from India by dreveloping their own innovative Car

International BAJA SAE Motosports Competition

Outstanding Engineering Institute in Eastern India

Star News, 2011

1st amongst all students of India including all IITs and NITs

NPTEL program (IIT Kharagpur and IIT Chennai), 2016