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Laboratory Details

Electrotherapy lab



Short Description of the Lab

Electrotherapy lab is well equipped with equipments of LASER, Ultrasonic therapy, Interferential Therapy, Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulator etc., Practicing in the labs gives excellent opportunity for the students to sharpen their clinical acumen by ‘hands on’ exposure under guidance of experienced faculty.

Equipments Available

  • Ultra Sound 2
  • Hydrocollator Pack 1
  • Multiple muscle exerciser 2
  • Muscle Stimulator 1
  • Paraffin Wax bath with 20 boxes wax 1
  • Cellulite therapy 2
  • Vaccum Therapy (Electrocare) 2
  • Vaccum Therapy (Johari) 2
  • Short Wave Diathermy 1
  • Interferential Therapy 1
  • Torq Plus 1
  • Massager 1
  • Traction with Bed 1
  • CPM 1
  • Treatment trolley in complete S.Steel 2
  • Small massager 1
  • Pneumatic compression 1

Exercise therapy lab


Exercise therapy

Short Description of the Lab

Exercise Therapy lab is equipped with state of art facilities of gait re-education unit, strength training unit, balance and posture rehab unit, movement therapy unit etc., Different exercise techniques are demonstrated in the lab and the students are encouraged to practice these different techniques on each other or on simulated models and gain confidence in performing theses skills before implementing the same on the patients.
We all know the benefits of being physically active and fit, not only for our physical wellbeing – heart health, lung capacity, weight management and a whole host of other benefits – but for our mental wellbeing too.
Exercise therapy uses specific stylished movements to improve the way the body functions. It focuses on moving the body and its different parts to relieve symptoms and improve mobility – and of course levels of fitness.

Equipments Available

  • Multiple muscle exerciser 2
  • Patient Couches with Mattress 7
  • Tread mill (Power) 3.5 HP with Stabilizer 5 KV 1
  • Tread mill (Power) 1.5 HP with Stabilizer 5 KV 3
  • Elliptical trainer 2
  • Recumbent bike 1
  • Static cycle 3
  • Power Plate 3
  • Wall ladder 1
  • Abdominal trainer 1
  • Physio ball of different sizes 1
  • Body twister standing & sitting 1
  • Dumb-bell Stand 1
  • Mat for exercises 1
  • Wooden Stepper 1
  • Foot Stool (Single) 2
  • Foot Stool (Double) 1
  • Hand cycle 1
  • Equillibrium board 1
  • Walker 1
  • Wheel chair 1
  • Mat border 1

Physiology lab



Short Description of the Lab

The Human Physiology Laboratory introduces students to laboratory techniques in the study of physiology and provides demonstrations of processes learned in the Human Physiology. Laboratory activities cover a wide range of topics from classic experiments in muscle, nerve, and cardiac physiology to human exercise and ventilation studies.

Equipments Available

  • Various illustrated charts of body systems.(73)
  • Medical Microscope (4)
  • Binocular LED microscope
  • Slides set of 100 ( Made in germany)
  • Slides set of 100 ( Made in USA)
  • Slides set of 50 ( Made in India)
  • Assorted slides (MIXED)

Anatomy lab



Short Description of the Lab

Each week students in the the Human Anatomy Lab participate in two lab sessions. During this time students utilize human cadavers, anatomical models, microscopes, HD TV viewing, photos, and x-rays to learn and understand human anatomy. Individual and group-study is emphasized& lecturers provide guidance one-on-one and in small groups to clarify difficult concepts, and to address the concerns of the students.

Equipments Available

  • Skeleton ( Made in germany)
  • Skeleton with muscle markings ( Made in germany)
  • Original bones from Bangalore
  • model of Knee joint with musles
  • model of Brain with sulci & Gyri ( Made in germany)
  • model of Brain with different areas ( Made in germany)
  • model of Head & neck with musles ( Made in germany)
  • model of face with muscles L.Section
  • model of Heart
  • model of Lungs with heart
  • model of kidney with adrenal gland
  • model of male reproductive system ( Made in germany)
  • model of Upper limb with muscles (6 parts) ( Made in germany)
  • model of Lower limb with musles (9 parts) ( Made in germany)
  • model of Hand with muscles (5 part) ( Made in germany)
  • model of foot with muscles ( Made in germany)
  • model of vertebra with pelvis ( Made in germany)
  • model of female pelvis
  • Half body torso ( Made in germany)
  • Various illustrated charts of body systems.(73)
  • Medical Microscope (4)
  • Binocular LED microscope
  • Slides set of 100 ( Made in germany)
  • Slides set of 100 ( Made in USA)
  • Slides set of 50 ( Made in India)
  • Assorted slides (MIXED)

News and Achievements

On 12th March, 2020, the students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the UEM Jaipur attended the Distinguished Lecture by Mr. Terry Rodgers
Upasana Chakraborty | 2020-03-18 11:28:33

Remembering the wonderful session taken by the INDIAN NAVY for the students of the UEM Jaipur represented by Lieutenant Thakur Akshay Singh
Upasana Chakraborty | 2020-03-18 11:12:32

14 students of 1st year MBA of the UEM Jaipur have been selected for summer internship in upcoming summer at The Capital Box, Gurgaon and Lancers Counsel Services, Delhi through Skype Interview
Upasana Chakraborty | 2020-03-16 10:16:44

The Award for “Excellence in Employability and Placement of students” was given to UEM Jaipur by the leading media house of Rajasthan – First India News
Upasana Chakraborty | 2020-03-16 10:09:06

Press Releases

Dr. Satyajit Chakrabarti featured in The Bengal Post

IEM Trust opens varsity in Jaipur reported by TOI

Celebration of E-week in association with NEN

Robotics Workshop reported by Guardian


World champion by developing a gaming console (Amantron Gaming console)

IEEE Maker project, IEEE, USA – 2016

Champion East

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2011-2016

Champions Runner-up Award, West

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2016

Rated Silver A+++ Business School

“Just Careers” Magazine, 2011

Best Debutant Award, West

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2015

3rd amongst all Government & Private Colleges in West Bengal

The Telegraph, 2009

One amonst the two finalists from India by dreveloping their own innovative Car

International BAJA SAE Motosports Competition

Outstanding Engineering Institute in Eastern India

Star News, 2011

1st amongst all students of India including all IITs and NITs

NPTEL program (IIT Kharagpur and IIT Chennai), 2016


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