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UEM Jaipur Governance

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Academic Council

Board of Management

Minutes of Meetings


23rd AC Online Meeting on 23rd Mar 2021
23rd AC Minutes of Meeting


22nd AC Online Meeting on 15 Dec 2020
22nd AC Minutes of Meeting

21st AC Online Meeting on 19 Aug 2020 21st AC Minutes of Meeting Attendance 21st AC Meeting on 19th August 2020


20th AC Meeting on 6 Dec 2019
20th AC Minutes of Meeting

Attendance 20th AC Meeting 06.12.2019

19th AC Meeting on 3 Aug 2019
19th AC Minutes of Meeting

Attendance 19th AC Meeting 03.08.2019


18th AC Meeting on 12 Dec 2018
Attendance 18th AC Meeting 12.12.2018

18th AC Minutes of Meeting

17th AC Meeting on 11th August 2018
Attendance 17th AC Meeting 12.08.2018

17th AC Minuts of Meeting

16th AC Meeting on 19th Feb 2018
16th AC Minutes of Meeting

Attendance 16th AC Meeting 19.02.2018


26th. BOM Meeting on 6th Apr 2021
Agenda note of 26th BOM Meeting


25th. BOM Meeting on 22 Dec 2020
25th BOM Minutes of Meeting

24th. BOM Meeting on 22 Aug 2020
24th BOM Attendance

24th. BOM Minutes of Meeting


23rd. BOM Meeting on 06th Dec 2019
23rd BOM Minutes of Meeting

23rd BOM 06.12.2019 Attendance

22nd BOM Meeting on 09th Aug 2019
22nd BOM Minutes of Meeting

22nd BOM 09.08.2019 Attendance

21st. BOM Meeting on 26th Feb 2019
21st BOM 26.02.2019 Attendance

21st BOM Minutes of Meeting


20th. BOM Meeting on 19th Dec 2018
20th BOM Minutes of Meeting

20th BOM 19.12.2018 Attendance

19th. BOM Meeting on 18th Aug 2018
19th BOM Attendance

19th BOM Mintues of Meeting

18th. BOM Meeting on 22nd Feb 2018
18th BOM 22.02.2018 Attendance

18th. BOM Minutes of Meeting