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Guardian Says

“UEM offers suitable platform and opportunities for its students to show-case their skills and talents, be it academic or co-curricular. UEM also provides proper acclamation to students by awarding them with scholarships for their academic performances. UEM faculty members have played a very vital role in my daughter’s overall development by their complete support and guidance and training. UEM also provides exposure for students to tackle the present job market scenario in future.”

Mr. Pradip Kumar Chakraborty
Guardian of Moitrayee Chakraborty 3rd Year ECE

“As a father, I will consider my decision of getting my lad admitted to UEM as one of the best decision of my life. In this university the most important activity is taking care of students. It may be in academic cases or may be in some other cases, but the students welfare is the most important. All the teachers are very caring to the students. They take regular classes as well as extra classes whenever the students require. Apart from that, the placement record of both IEM and UEM group is also exceptional. So, as a father I am proud of my decision and will certainly advice my friends and family to follow my path.”

Mr. Supriya Bhattacharjee
Guardian of Sayak Bhattacharjee 2nd year ECE

It is my honor to say that the faculty members of UEM are no doubt the best. Along with that I want to add one more thing – the student teacher relationship in UEM. The individual interaction of student-teacher, caring of individual student is mostly not seen now-a-days, which is an eye soothing for a guardian.

Mr. Santu Rakshit
Guardian of Shayan Rakshit 1st Year ME

“The University nurtures potential in every student and helps them achieve their career goals. The environment is very good and students keep facing challenges that help them improve in the long run.”

Subhendu Pal
Guardian of Kaustab Pal 3rd Year ECE

“Here I have seen my son being shaped to what I have always dreamt of him; professional engineer and a responsible human being.

Prabir Mukherjee
Guardian of Prasad Mukherjee 3rd Year CSE

“I have seen my son grow into a passionate engineer during the time he spent in the University.”

Dibya Sankar Sukla
Guardian of Aninda Sankar Sukla 3rd Year ECE