Research, Publications & Patents


  1. One of the most reputed branch of faculty members many of whom are nationally awarded for their contributions to the field of technicality
  2. More than 2000 research publications, more than 50 books and 13 patents in the last three years by the faculty members
  3. Industrial consultancies are obtained by the faculty members in which students can participate and contribute
  4. High Quality funded students’ projects like GPS Based Drones, Manufacturing of 3-D Printer, Robotic Arm, Humanoid Walker, Detonators, Manufacturing of All Terrain Vehicle, Manufacturing of Formula-1 Car etc
  5. International conferences are organized by the University in University of British Columbia Vancouver Canada, Columbia University New York USA, Sasin Business School Chulalongkorn University Bangkok Thailand, where reputed professors from 70+ foreign countries come and present their research papers. Students of UEM get opportunity to avail the option of going abroad to participate in these foreign conferences and present their research papers in front of these foreign delegates.
  6. Regular workshops from IIT professors and professors of other Universities / institutes of national importance and professors of foreign countries are held, which the students can attend and enrich themselves.
  7. Regular technical exhibitions are held in association with the Govt and various industries where the students can exhibit their technical design and development skills


Total no. of publications 812

575 (International Journals)
53 (National Journals)
141 (International Conferences)
43 (National Conferences)

Books Published – 28


  • A low-cost system with lightweight and energy efficient methods for secure routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) for implementing Personal Area Network (PAN).
  • A low cost, energy efficient hybrid protocol device for establishing rapid ad-hoc networks.
  • A low cost fully autonomous GPS (Global Positioning System) based Quadcopter for disaster management.
  • Coconut Drilling Wonder
  • Safety Measure For Both Women Passenger & Driver In A Cab
  • Security Gateway
  • Technology To Deter Suicide Bomber