Department of Mechanical Engineering

Amongst the Mechanical Engineering colleges in Jaipur, UEM leads no doubt with its world class infrastructure both in terms of classroom and laboratories. The engineering school under UEM, Jaipur can be listed among the top engineering college in Jaipur. Both B.Tech and M.Tech course taking place under UEM, Jaipur ensures both engineering skills and techniques, thus making it count among the top mechanical engineering colleges in Jaipur.

The department offers state of the art education, laboratory and research facilities to students and faculties to create, enable, apply and spread knowledge in this field of engineering. Our department links with worldwide class research labs and R&D organizations to offer excellence in teaching and research practices.

Mission of the Department

Enhancing students’ skills to make them successful mechanical engineers is the prime mission of this department.

Vision of the Department

The department of Mechanical Engineering strives to offer outstanding education and research facilities to young minds who want to create new ideas and be successful in the related field of engineering.

Courses Offered

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Courses in Mechanical


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Laboratories for Mechanical


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Syllabus for Mechanical

A glimpse into the department