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UEM Aeromodelling Club is a club under University of Engineering and Management, Jaipurand is run by students of mechanical engineering department. This club is involved in building innovative projects and inspire students to take part in research and development in the aviation field and its motto is “Lifting future beyond vision”. Club also works on the training and development of students through workshops, theoretical classes, and internships in the field of aviation. One can build a model plane from any material like Paper, Balsa wood, etc. It is both a hobby and sport; the hobby aspect involves building and assembling model aircraft, and the sport part involves the flying. To showcase their passion for flying the club members participate in various events.

Completed Projects

  1. Habrok

This project is Ornithopter which is a mimic of flying bird as UAV, An Ornithopter is an aircraft heavier than air, which flies like a bird by flapping its wings. The special feature lies in the wings that do not only generate lift but also thrust. Ornithopters are mostly built the size of birds or flying models and then are also called flapping wing model. This project is done by students of UEM Aeromodelling club. Habrok is having 1.1 meter wing span, with 800 ALL-UP-WEIGHT. Its electronic power system consist of motor of 1600 kv motor with single crank gear mechanism and two servo motor. The motivation behind this work is the interest in flapping wing flight and developing mechanisms to accomplish the required mechanical objectives, which in this case is the flapping motion. The area of flapping wing aerodynamics is relatively new and is continuously growing. Ornithopters can serve as an alternative to propeller driven vehicles. Due to their resemblance with natural fliers and their maneuverability they can be utilized for covert surveillance missions and obtaining geographical information of difficult terrains especially when there is a potential threat to human life.

  1. RC Aircraft

This is RC aircraft made XPS foam board and capable to fly up to 5 km is also used surveillance purpose. The construction and fabrication of this aircraft is done from scratch. This project is done by students of UEM. Wing span is of 1 m and AUW is 955 gm, the A.R = 6, the airfoil we have used is NACA0012. This can be upgrade in future for solar powered driven RC aircraft.




Under development Project

  1. Vaḷarcci (Locusts Fighting Drone)

The agro aided drone is the drone which will provide a drone service program for all level of farmer of Jaipur, Rajasthan. This drone will be guided by RTK(Real time kinematic) technique GPS which precisely track the path given to drone, can hover about with centimeter accuracy level. This is aided with laser or conventional blanket sprayer which can destroy weed, migratory locust and their egg, termite, harmful insects that damages vegetables very precisely. Micro NIR(near-Infrared) sensor and camera will be attached for spectral analysis and monitoring of crops and vegetable farming for healthy vegetation and  also help farmer for night monitoring of farms. Farmers will avail this service for various purpose as per their requirement and need, drone will be user friendly and customizable. Even today farmers have to remain wake up whole night to protect well grown crop from foreign animals. So farmers can avail the facility of drone for night monitoring and protecting well grown crop from foreign animal.

Do you want to learn concepts of aerodynamics? Does aircrafts fascinates you?  Do you want to learn how drones work?


Come be a part of team that is working on a drone to fight locusts menace. Join UEM Aeromodelling Club, Jaipur!

Register using the link https://bit.ly/2MCKBEt 

Registration is free of cost

Free online study material

Live video lectures and hands on training at end. Cont-8619772811


For more details contact-

Mr. Hamid Raza Siddiqui

Student Convener

UEM Aeromodelling Club


E-Mail- [email protected]


Prof. Dr. Anurag Hamilton

Faculty Coordinator

UEM Aeromodelling Club


[email protected]


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Hamid Raza Siddiqui,
Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur

Prof. Dr. Anurag Hamilton,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur






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