“Rape” is the most brutal and disgraceful activity  which acts as a chronic disease for the society. In the recent past news portals either the digital platform or the newspapers  depicts and are filled with the despicable news of rape incidents in various parts in a global platform. Some blames the patriarchal mind set of… Continue reading ANTI  RAPING GLOVES

HR International Congress

CORPORATE NETWORKING EVENT WITH HR AND SENIOR MANAGEMENT OF EMERGING BOOMING SECTORS 70th International Conference & HR Congress (jointly organized by University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur | Kolkata and Smart Society, USA) THEME: IMPACT OF EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES ON EMPLOYMENT Date: 22nd February, 2020; Time: 10am to 4pm Venue: Choksi Hall, Indian Institute of… Continue reading HR International Congress

Amateur Radio Communication

Internet requirement is an essential element for communication in the present day scenario. Through the internet one can convey or communicate messages from distant with in a fractional period of time. But, what about those areas where the presence of internet is still not available or the access of internet is yet to be measured.… Continue reading Amateur Radio Communication


Prof. Sandip Das, University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur received the award on behalf of the students and teachers of the University for outstanding performance in NPTEL exams, under SWAYAM initiative, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. UEM Jaipur were the 4 times consecutive champions of Rajasthan State under this initiative of the MHRD… Continue reading Award


IEEE-MTTS Student Branch Chapter and IEEE UEMJ Student Branch in association, are organising a 2-Day IEEE Workshop on “Security Aspects in Amateur Radio Communication Systems and Networks” on 4th-5th February, 2020 at the University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur. Prof. Miroslav Skoric, IEEE Senior Member, from Belgrade, Serbia will be main Resource Person for… Continue reading IEEE-MTTS