“Rape” is the most brutal and disgraceful activity  which acts as a chronic disease for the society. In the recent past news portals either the digital platform or the newspapers  depicts and are filled with the despicable news of rape incidents in various parts in a global platform. Some blames the patriarchal mind set of the society, some liable the government and some are in a constant trial of fabricating the bridges of justification and colossal excuses, but we have to understand that , finger pointing and criticism may create debates  but a “SOLUTION” is the uttermost target we should aim for. Keeping this in mind Mainak Mondal of IEM,Kolkata (ECE, B Tech, 3RD YEAR) of the IEM-UEM group has developed a product which would focus to act as a shield as far as women safety is concerned.

The main focal point of these “ANTI RAPING GLOVES” is to cease this in-human scenario and construct a rigid solution for women safety, ensuring her dignity and security.

The product has its simplicity in its usage  and it resembles the normal human gloves. This product mainly consists of three steps which will occur simultaneously with in a time span of 2 seconds. :

Step 1- The glove can produce a high voltage electric shock to the person who wants to victimize another person with a push of a single button ensuring the safety of the person using it where a shield is provided to the user. The person who wants to victimize will lose consciousness for a limited period of time  .

Step-2. A technology has been implemented in this device where a message  will be delivered to another mobile number for an urgent protection which is stored earlier. Maybe it is the victim’s guardian or the nearest police station.

Step-3. Within 2 seconds it will help to track the victim’s exact location.

Instrumentations :

a The device contains rechargeable battery . It can be charged by using any phone charger.

  1. Anti Raping Glove has an electronic circuit in between knuckle and wrist.
  2. It is separated with nonconductive material from skin. Hence, It is a lightweight glove.
  3. This device is made with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi-and-Bluetooth combo dual-core 32-bit LX6 Ultra low power (ULP) co-processor.


The patent of this device was filed in 2018.



This product was one of the selected project of the victorious  Group of Makaut(Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal) Conclave 2019.

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