Online is the new method :

In the recent past online education has become a trend to glorify study as the entire world is facing a tremendous hazard of a pandemic scenario. Educational institutions are stressing more and more on online education where direct face to face interaction can be avoided but the scope of virtual medium is taking up the entire process. There are ample amount of software where a group of people can interact with ease and this showcases the active participation of students more than the offline classes. For example an introvert student who speaks less in the class is now showing his/her interest in the participation off the classes. Technology is becoming immense and it is now serving as a tool of modifying the system as a whole. These new methods of implementing education are enhancing the theory of grabbing the new methods. Classes are becoming more interesting with the implementation of training management systems and in a way it is bringing up the online courses in to action. This can be a boon to the software development section where the demand of experimentation is getting increased. Following the current trend “IEM-UEM” group is making a huge change in the society by developing new software’s which are fabricating the chances of job creations, ideas and motivations. E-learning has become a tendency among the students of these institutions as the practice was from a long way before. Recorded lectures and motivations talks and organizing labs have worked remarkably. Therefore now the teachers can be summed as “Educational Technologists”. Web based trainings are making the system flexible where computer-mediated learning is creating a vibe for urging the newness. Virtual learning environment and content based education can be a method of saving the essential ingredients which includes paper and power consumption of the educational institutes. The digital platform is working as the most salient instrument for the near future and will definitely serve the as an important tool for humanity.

By Saurav Mookherji

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