The Glass is half empty or Half Full ?

Well, it totally depends on the perception of an individual. The above quote is applicable to any given circumstances. It might be a situation of extreme difficulty or an unexplained challenge. But, my focus will be on the present scenario.

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Corona (Covid-19) ! Not only a mere construction of alphabets and numerical, but a trigger which has hold the human race into a stand still.


It is something which unforgettable and will work as a nightmare, till the last breath of our life.


The rotational elements of life are paused by a virus. Yes, a virus which made a question mark on the vitality of mankind and showcased the power of nature and helplessness of human beings before it.



Well we are reading, watching and sharing a lot about this virus .All those things which are being shared, watched or talked upon is mainly focused on the half empty portion of the glass.


Now Let us look at the half filled portion of the glass. From this angle we can only see the “Nature at rest and Human at test” .


Is there anything positive for which Corona can get a praise from us?


Well yes there are few but gigantic things which can be taken to the half filled portion of the glass.


Healthy friendship with technology is the biggest achievement we got due to the effect of the lock down in this pandemic. An efficient and effective utilisation of technology and technical equipments is the most optimistic outcome in this situation. Many applications which were available but ignored marginally from many years are actually being used on a daily basis. This pandemic has changed the outlook of people who used to imagine internet and mobile phones are nothing but a waste of time, they are now measuring these tools as the basic need of human being. Internet has become an important element of human life and a strategy survival in today’s era.



Being a teacher of Management, I have realised that how a person managed himself in this situation. Although I am from a non technical background, I always feel inclined towards exploring new applications and internet based stuffs.  This situation has given me an opportunity to enhance my technical knowledge and I have improved upon using enormous applications which I was unaware in the past.



Online Education has also made its impact.  While sitting in the class, a student may be physically present but many a times he/she is mentally absent. But, using this alternative pavement of exploring education, a student can schedule his/her study hours as per his/her convenient time. Attendance has improved a lot in comparison to the physical offline classes. Student interaction has also improved.

We at the IEM UEM group give utmost importance to the continuous improvement of our students, to ensure a sustainable and the best future for them. This objective of ours has given us the utmost of motivation. When other educational institutions are unsure about the coverage of their syllabus, we are ready with the results of our students.


How we have achieved it! What has taken us to this position! It’s nothing but the outlook, the outlook which visualizes the half filled portion of the glass.


Regular meetings through online platforms enabled us to be connected and plan our activities. Regular online classes as per the same schedule of the offline classes, with the support of our stakeholders and our ambassadors/representatives i.e. our students has made it possible for us to see this half filled portion of the glass.


We are not praising Corona, rather we are just following the famous quote “When Going gets Tough, Tough Gets Going”


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Prof. Dr. Rahul Sharma,
School of Management,
University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur




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