Amateur Radio Communication

Internet requirement is an essential element for communication in the present day scenario. Through the internet one can convey or communicate messages from distant with in a fractional period of time. But, what about those areas where the presence of internet is still not available or the access of internet is yet to be measured. Amateur Radio or (ham radio) can easily be a tool of communication at places where the access of modern technology is yet to be glorified as a whole. I ts  is a popular phenomenon among people to bring other people, communication  and electronics together. Most of the people use ham radio to converse across town, around the globe. It can also be a method of satellite communication without the usage of Internet, wired commutations or  cell phones It can act as a path to lead towards the light of transmission maybe for a period of lifetime..

EEE-MTTS Student Branch Chapter and IEEE UEM Jaipur Student Branch in association, organized a 2-Day IEEE Workshop on “Security Aspects in Amateur Radio Communication Systems and Networks” on 4th-5th February, 2020 at the University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur.


Prof. Miroslav Skoric, IEEE Senior Member, from Belgrade, Serbia was the main Resource Person for this workshop.

Prof. Dr. S. Ram Mohan, Director, National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad and Shri Sandeep Baruah, Scientist, E-Vigyan Parishar, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India were the other resource persons.


The students and faculty members thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and it was a wonderful and extremely interesting learning experience for them.

Students were taught/shown

– method of communication during natural calamity when internet is down

– using radio servers to send email without internet

– tracking nearest radio station using Amateur Radio without using GPS

– Morse transmitter demonstration

– transmission of image using Amateur Radio

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