Specilization in Automobile Engineering

Opt for the course with specialization in Automobile Engineering under the B.Tech Mechanical Engineering (4 years degree course) at the University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur .

Automobile Engineering is considered to be a branch of applied engineering which involves the combination of components of electronic, mechanical, software electrical, and safety engineering as applied to assemble and operate automobiles. In the present time Automobile Engineering is considered as the most rapid growing sector. Students of the University of Engineering and Management, Jaipur are trained with the relevant proficiency and skills to find their function in the industry. Nowadays, it is the most preferred career by engineers. The job scenario in recent times in the automobile sector is growing at a rapid pace. After the completion of this course Automobile Engineers are equipped to apply their skills in their careers.

During the lockdown period all over India due to COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur has ensured that the entire teaching-learning process along with the examinations are held in time ( in online mode ), without any loss of academic time. UEM Jaipur students will be ready with their academic completion right in time.


  1. UEM Jaipur is holding their online morning and afternoon meeting daily with all faculty members through YouTube live.
  2. Digital Attendance of Faculty is being conducted through Google forms and IEMCRP (UEM’s e-governance software).
  3. Online classes are being held exactly as per routine through Zoom, YouTube live everyday as per routine.
  4. Online Labs are being held in virtual mode using Virtual Labs (vlab), Matlab, Hacker Rank (online coding platform) etc.
  5. Online lectures are being held by corporate experts.
  6. Mid-semester examination has been held through IEMCRP (UEM’s e-governance software) and invigilation through Zoom. The exam papers (with descriptive type questions) were uploaded by teachers into IEMCRP and were available at exam time from the students’ profiles. They wrote the exam with pen and paper. Answer scripts were scanned with a mobile phone and uploaded for examination by the students. The answer scripts were available to the teachers from their profiles of IEMCRP. (Students will later submit the answer script for keeping record.) UEM Jaipur took help of zoom so that students couldn’t take help of others. The system was practiced, and found to be working fine in mid-semester exams.
  7. The same method will be used in the final semester examination also.
  8. About 5 percent of students found it difficult for various reasons like internet connectivity in their home town. Their cases will be placed to the Academic Council and to the Governing Body for consideration.
  9. Online FDP is going on regularly.
  10. Online Admission is happening through IEMJEE and admission related websites ( admission.uem.edu.in ).
  11. Online Placement is also being conducted.


UEM Jaipur assures to the entire world that students of UEM Jaipur will be ready with their academic preparations right in time, in spite of the global crisis.


If you are looking for admissions and starting your career right on time and complete it right on time without any loss, then you may take admission to UEM Jaipur through admission.uem.edu.in or may call at 9887313330 .

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