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The entire world as of today is suffering from a pandemic, which is causing the entire human race to make a temporary pause to evolution towards the future. Several public and private sectors have adopted lock down and social distancing as their primary objectives in controlling the virus which is highly contagious. The Government of India along with the other State Governments are taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety of public as well as to frame a shield against this pandemic .In India still the situation controllable due to the rapid measures taken in the right moment and at the right time. The factor which will act as the most important in preventing the spread of the virus   in communities is to enlighten the citizens with the correct information and adapting safeguards as per the advisories being published by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. In the present scenario the most threatening phenomenon which is occurring is the circulation of fake statistics and news which is mainly getting circulated in social media in forms of images and articles. The fake information’s are even forwarded by individuals and some of the groups without even measuring their actual validity. This is creating an environment of panic and hence it is converting into a fuss for society. So keeping these things in mind 14 students of 3rd year of University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur have taken the initiative to enlighten people on the correct news and avoid fake news. With their sense of responsibility they have created a website known as “Reality check”, that verifies the credibility of news, a site to be trusted to obtain the real news. With this initiative the University is now requesting all its stakeholders to support this initiative.

The Website (at the moment) is:-


Currently hosted in firebase and will be hosted in UEM domain in near future.

To verify whether news is genuine, you may login to the website.

The Instagram and Facebook pages are:-



For doubts in news, you may also write to them directly at [email protected]

The students involved are:-

Sounak Agarwal – CSE,Sounak Datta – CSE,Abhijit Saha – CSE,Priyam Pradhan – CSE,Prithwiswar Bhattacharya – CSE,Nabanit Saha – CSE,Rajarshi Ghosh – CSE,Himadri Ghosh – CSE,Aniket Dey – CSE,Pramit Dutta – CSE,Siddhartha Sarker – CSE,Swagata Banerjee – ECE,Omkar Goswami – ECE,Rounak Chakraborty – ECE.

The University wholeheartedly congratulates them and wishes them best of luck for their noble endeavor.

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