Few innovative activities by the students of University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur under their robotics club are being said about in this article. These innovations are done on the idea of fabricating technological advancements and instrumental glorification. The University itself is trying to boost the ideas and uplift this transformation with open hands. The funding for these products is done by the University with a process of constant trail to encourage students to walk in the course to unlock their potentialities at regular intervals.   The students of this University are always engage in innovative activities along with their good academic performance. Please SEE the VIDEO to understand few of their activities –

Humanoid Robot – This robot has a resemblance of human body. At times these robots can copy the activities of human beings and can enact them as per the programming and command. These types of robots are mainly used in the areas of scientific research and innovation. 3D printed Humanoid Robot which can perform activities such as walking, dancing and playing football. More activities can also be programmed into it through an android application, built for the purpose.

Spider robot (Wi-Fi control) – This robot has a resemblance of a spider. This is a 3D printed spider robot. Through this, the entire operation of the robot can be controlled from Android Mobile Phone through the Wi-Fi.  This robot can move forward and backward .This may be extremely useful for spying after including an IP camera.

3D printed micro-human walker robot – After connecting with the Wi-Fi hotspot of robot, anyone can control this through the web browser. This robot can walk forward, backward, turn left, turn right like the penguin. It can also perform other functions like waving.

Industrial Automation Model – A Pick and Place Robotic Hand as a project work. It is controlled by putting in the location from anywhere in the world based on IoT (Internet of Things).

Spider robot (Autonomous) –  The 12-DOF 3D printed spider robot developed by students of UEM Jaipur. It can smoothly walk on any surface.

During the lockdown period all over India due to COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur has ensured that the entire teaching-learning process along with the examinations are held in time ( in online mode ), without any loss of academic time. Its students will be ready with their academic completion right in time.

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