Communication is a process or a two way exercise where ideas gets exchanged and values get interlinked. Communication is something which has a history of its own. From the pre historic age to the modern era, communication has acted as the shield of expressing emotions, messages and values.

Human being is an innovative communicator and has proved this from ages and through the passing decades. Survival has been the basic issue of mankind which has created a series of changing phenomenon, as communications played a significant role in this rat race.

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The journey of communications started its role of indulging values and ideas from the origination of human life. From the stone-age society to the present day modern civilization, communications have seen a variable number of changes, in terms of the techniques and methods. Non-verbal communication was the main process of conveying meanings and interchanging thoughts among each others. Indications though one’s body language, eye contacts facial gestures were some of the common methods of conveying messages.  The stone-age residents relied on the wall paintings and carvings of various animals, weapons and signs of their own. They use the art of shapes to communicate among themselves, as the introduction of alphabets came to existence after a distant period of time. The introduction of “Petroglyphs, Pictograms and Ideograms” have accommodated the seed of the creative essence of mankind from a premature period which itself is a boon. The introduction of pictograms which were carved on the walls of caves and stones was the first to act as the enlightenment of written communications. But on the other hand, these signs and symbols were difficult in terms of specifications, comparisons and variability. Timid expressions were also a time consumable episode, as paintings or carvings at times covered rotations.

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In the modern era, human beings have developed and detected a large number of tools and mechanisms, which made communication a lucid and an easier exercise than the pre-historic era. Verbal communication was now the way of interchanging thoughts and ideas. Verbal communications dealt with the representation or the execution of symbols and body gestures through the verbal sounds. Earlier human beings did not know the proper execution of languages which they could convert into well managed expressions, but with the progress of time gestures and facial expressions converted into various languages. Earlier, there were sounds but they were unconstructed and undefined, but now the sounds were balanced in a proper manner which itself has made an easier task in terms of understanding.

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The introduction alphabet is like a milestone, which has an overwhelming effect on the modern society. Alphabets acted as the modernization of pictographs. The initiation of paper from the barks of trees and the introduction of ink assisted a lot in the swift adaptation of alphabets.  Introduction of terms like intrapersonal (within yourself), interpersonal (within two persons), or the group communications came with a rigid existence. It was now when humans started to express without facing bounds and hazards. Expressions became uncomplicated. The introduction of alphabets also introduced words followed by sentences. Human beings started to write, following by the enigmatic phenomenon of speech.

Communications via technologies- The introduction of written communications was followed by the inauguration of modern gadgets. The invention of telegraph, telephone, television and radio, followed by the pager and mobile phones, made a gigantic evolution in the field of verbal and nonverbal communications. It was now when communication was starting to get linked through the wires and cables. Though, initially it was a process of extreme limitations, due to the infrastructural in-advancements, but later on it became a much swifter process. The origination of news and other television programs made an advancement of conveying messages throughout the arena of communication. Telephones, Telegraphs and Telegrams worked as the tool of interchanging thoughts and news in between distant locations and replaced successfully replaced pigeons, who were earlier the carrier of messages. The mobile phones and the pagers started to play their role as the tools of approaching. The face to face interpersonal communications, group communications and the written communication now became wireless. The origination of Internet in the United States of America and later in the eastern regions of the globe has elevated communications to another epitome of conveying and reciprocating ideas.

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Communication is the greatest gift which is provided by the Almighty. It is only through this process we have acquired the art of learning and understanding. The development of a species is interdependent on the development of its advancement of communications whether it is verbal or non verbal. The scientific research continues and states that, till date 55 % of communication occurs through the non-verbal process.  There are people in this modern day who are still neglected from this of rapid advancement of communications. It is our duty to pour the light of this advancement of interchanging ideas among them. It is high time to rise, develop and communicate jointly and enter into the world of equality.

By Saurav Mookherji

Content creator and digital Marketing executive

(Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata)


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