What will be the job scenario “Post Covid-19”

The general statement, as heard from experts all across the world says that sectors that depend on people’s behavior would take the longest time to recover after the end of the lock down period, while those curbed by the government to contain the spread of corona virus are set for a bounce-back immediately after the restrictions are removed. So, firstly I give the picture as suggested by the experts:- Sectors which did not see the downfall:- IT world, telecommunication sector and companies connected with digital world did not really see the downfall in true sense. So, companies connected with digital world and providing services which enable digital-entertainment like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc,-work and office systems like video conferencing software,-logistics supply chain etc. Sectors which are expected to see a rise following the lock down:- -Medical sector, health equipment and digital companies are among those which have seen a jump in their business following the COVID-19 pandemic.-Physiotherapy and Indian medicine like Ayurveda will see a big rise. -e-commerce and home delivery, both by normal retail and bye-commerce companies, would see further uptick.-Transportation, storage, warehousing would come back quickly once the lock- down is lifted. Now, the interesting thing is that, for these sectors to continue doing good, IT support is needed. So it is expected that IT will keep on doing good and better, most noticeably. Sectors, which will take time to revive:- Those which would not bounce back anytime soon, are those which depend on people’s behavior like travel, staying in hotels, flying overseas and going to shopping malls, for example. People will not like to travel unnecessarily, they will not like to stay in hotels, (who knows who stayed there earlier). Tourism will take long, long time to come back, Tourism industries may take time to revive as activities of tourism will come down dramatically.. Now, all these mentioned above are the general notion of the experts, but as they say, you cannot pluck the future out of the crystal ball,so things might not work exactly as per our expectations. Who thought that people will not prefer to stay at home, and will jump to the liquor shops creating big queues over there. So, the unexpected behavior of people does create a doubt on the opinion to be made on the future, and this one example of liquor industry might justify my thought process on the five sectors I talk about below:- – Construction – There is doubt if property buyers will begin a position to repay their loans. As it is, real estate tends to dip during the monsoon season. So, it is expected that construction sector will go down.But then, is not there a chance of very quick climb-back of activity? There might be a rush amongst the builders to complete pending projects, and acquire the money from the investors, which may lead to jobs in construction sector,Civil Engineering etc. – Travel and tourism – Similarly, in the extreme scenario snow painted, there seems to be no hope for the travel and hospitality segments.Most experts feel that there will be job losses, bankruptcies and shutdowns.Let’s also look at the hopeful side. There are tens of thousands of people stranded across the globe—home or away, at their origins or midway. There will also be untold thousands who would now wish to visit their family—after not having been able to be with them in times of deep uncertainty. People may be afraid of travel, but they may also want to move, as if freed from prison.Post-lock down, the sales of air tickets may zoom, as may their prices; the related spike in demand may shore up the hospitality sector too. – Agriculture – Farmers are sitting on a bumper rabbi crop,although there are indications of a 15-20 per cent loss in wheat production due to untimely rain. However is not this a consideration too, that a portion of migrant families, who go back to their villages and do odd jobs during this season, are available as farm laborers? Earlier, these migrant laborers would refuse to work back home at lesser rates. Now, as they cannot do those odd jobs they do in normal times, they are willing to work at those lesser rates, which may lead to jobs in decision making sector of agriculture industry to make it flourish with the help of availability of cheap labor. – Restaurant – It is expected that restaurant sector will god own, as people might not prefer going to restaurants now. But cannot the demand for dining activity also increase immediately? People might go out in large numbers for dining (as again, freed from prison), but on the contrary,there will be a certain portion of people who will never miss an opportunity to rush to their preferred restaurant post pandemic,which might drive the sales of restaurant business. – Retail and Multiplex – It is expected that retail and multiplex sector will go down, but then cannot the same unpredictable nature of people drive them towards retail stores and multiplexes to find entertainment,and boost up this industry too? All said and done, the IT sector will flourish due to its essential needs and will grab the market with ease especially Artificial intelligence or “AI” which is an imitation of the human intellect,exercised by machines. The world has emerged in the fabrication of new technologies which would reduce human efforts and Artificial Intelligence is the way which can show a new path through which the authenticity and quality ofwork diminishing the errors. Railways, telecoms, Airports, Corporate etc have started to adapt this change with the up gradation of technologies and will continue to do with a more rapid pace. The medical sector will try to impose this technology to avoid the contagious outrage. Machines and robots will get an involvement in the workforce with a rapid pace as “work from home” might be a new work culture. As a result Machine learning and Internet of things will come in the forefront and will lead the industry.  Whatever be the situation of the world and it’s economy, the best place to go for anybody is a University, the best use of time is learning.So, for you also, considering that nature of jobs are going to change big way,30% reshuffling of jobs is inevitable, higher education at the moment in the right direction is a mandate.  But what is the direction? The students and their parents should always keep in mind that your choice of higher education will always go by the nature of the industry and it should always be driven towards the sector of industry, which is flourishing. Now, B. Tech with a specialization of Artificial Intelligence will be a lucrative carrier. So, people who are willing to make a career shielded with an assured job can contact on 9887313330.

By Saurav Mookherji

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