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To ensure a better, smarter, sustainable, eco-friendly and economical stack of engineering technologies for a better world. As a Civil engineer, it is the key role to look after all the things needed for the development of life along with the progress of a nation. Geological, Geo-technical, Structural, Irrigation, Disaster Management, Transportation, everywhere, a civil engineer is responsible to use appropriate technology. Hence, emphasizing on the needs of the future, with adequate utilization of resources for the present, we need to develop faster, better and smarter technologies, which is the main aim here.

Our motto: “Advanced engineering for a better world

Journey so far

All this started with a small idea in mind, that in the campus, had there been a specialized project group, to invigilate the quality of projects and motivate the students to showcase their ideas into reality. Civilotech started with only 5 members initially. Now, there are many students performing so well in execution of projects day by day. Engineering projects and technologies do not depend on a particular branch of a student; rather, it focuses on the idea, the innovation that the student is trying to deliver. Members of Civilotech group are active participators in seminars, workshops, project exhibitions, industrial visits and public speaking events.

This project group was undertaken by Civil department of UEM Jaipur, under the expertise and guidance of Prof. Subhro Chakraborty, HOD. Civil-o-tech has also its highly experienced project guide and mentor, Prof. DrUmesh Kumar Das, who has brimming knowledge about projects and research activities. Civil-o-tech is active in research papers. Many patented projects are built in the campus by the project group members and project mentor. Civil-o-tech has gained its fame and craze, by achieving its targets and winning several awards. The University has provided constant flow of capital to raise projects, to which Civil-o-tech is grateful. Also, Civil-o-tech has name in the prestigious SIH (Smart India Hackathon) and CVA (Chhatra Viswakarma Awards). Training and Skill Development sessions are frequent in this group. It enhances the participation and enthusiasm of the students to implement their theoretical knowledge along with their innovations.

Not only in the field of construction technology and projects, the project group has also ornamented itself with highly skilled workforce in the design sector. Sustainable and aesthetic designs are developed, trained, planned and executed. Also, project planning and estimation is also practiced to make the members as good and efficient as a project manager.

Glimpses of the projects by Civilotech are:

  1. SMS (Surface-water Management System)

In our modern civilization we are going to face a big problem which is water. Water is very essential for survival of human being, trees and every animal. For save the water we have brought a new innovation in this project which is SURFACE-WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM(S.M.S.). This project can be the most efficient projects so far in the field of Transportation as well as Water Resources. It focuses on reusing of the flooded run-off water over roads and turning it productive, i.e., the flooded water is naturally filtered and stored for use in various purposes.

  1. BhramanSathi (Smart Road Management System)

This is an integrated Smart Road Management System (SRMS) which serves as an alert system to provide more safer and quicker transportation on the roads, especially in the hilly terrains, sharp turns, foggy weathers and reduced sight distanced roads. This project can reduce the number of accidents happening on roads with its advanced features. The application of this system is very simple and it is economically feasible. Whenever a vehicle is moving near a steep curve, it crosses a sensor and hence, red warning lights are automatically switched ON, on the opposite side where there is a chance of some other vehicle approaching. After the vehicle has passes a certain coordinate, then the warning lights gets OFF. Hence this system can serve really efficient in everyday life!

  1. Merry – Go – Drip (Smart Agro System, Go-green scheme) (ONGOING)

Introducing the new, unique ever smart agricultural system, that uses the minimum amount of space and maximizing profit. Specially, for the development of nursery, recreation and small horticulture purpose, this project tends to stand unique with its features. Hence, the future scope of this model seems high enough, especially for Developed and Developing nations. The trend of business, associated with agriculture, is really going to renovate itself, after this unique project. Make in India can really earn a “Golden –Green” title from it. The idea is patented in India.

There are many projects out there, also, research papers, exhibitions, posts, gallery, etc; just go and have a watch at our own website: https://civilotech.uem.edu.in

The family

The Civilotech family promises the best environment of guidance, motivation, fun and learning. There are students from different branches and different years, but collectively work together as a team. The members in the present are: Sougata Banerjee, SubhajitMaity, Kajori Gupta, MdAfnanAlam, AnupamKuiti, Srishti Saini, Fardin Hakim Khan and KabitaMoktan from 2017 batch and Pritha Sen, Saikat Das, Avishek Sen and Krishna Gupta from 2018 batch.


Ever analyzed you as how it feels as an engineer? What are the practical aspects? How it feels when you execute a project, say ‘The Statue of Unity’?

Come and join us! Experience the World of Engineering here, in the Civil-o-tech family!

Prof. Subhro Chakraborty,
Head, Department of Civil Engineering,
University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur
Email: [email protected]

Prof. Dr. Umesh Kumar Das,
Faculty Co-ordinator,
Email: [email protected]

Sougata Banerjee
Admin, Civilotech
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: 9775153675
Website: https://civilotech.uem.edu.in

Subhajit Maity, Kajori Gupta, Md Afnan Alam, Anupam Kuiti, Srishti Saini, Fardin Hakim Khan, Kabita Moktan, Krishna Gupta, Pritha Sen, Saikat Das, Avishek Sen

Website: https://civilotech.uem.edu.in

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