Living with the Covid : New requirements of etiquette, human behavior, knowledge and skills for getting recruited.

 This article is based on the perspective of a discussion that was held in the 89th International conference organized by the University of Engineering and Management, Jaipur with the Smart Society USA.

1.Mr. Nand Kishore Chaudhary, Chairman & Managing Director, Jaipur Rugs Group discussed : 

– Customization of products will be necessary as per the new requirements.

– Strategies will have to recalibrated with focus on customer engagement satisfying the changing needs of customers

–          Role of technology will be the main driver in the business process with digitization and online selling being the key.

– The supply chain will need to be redefined

– There has to be the sense of urgency with the CEOs and MDs leading from the front.

2. Mr. Gaurav Chopra, HR Leader, Allianz discussed : 

–          In today’s time technology is the driving force in any organization but the workforce has also changed or evolved for e.g.  the GIG workforce  which consists of freelance and contractual workers.

–          In many operational procedures which require standard responses human intervention has been replaced by AI or bots.

–          However, technology or new procedures will not lead to job loss, as existing employees are upskilling themselves to take up new roles and responsibilities

3. Mr. Rajat Kapoor, Managing Director, Oil & Gas and Energy discussed : 

–          The best of companies did not foresee such a major disruption. Businesses who had announced new acquisitions and takeovers have drawn back and consolidated themselves.

–          Post –Covid everything’s changed and starting July reconstruction is happening with new policies and framework which are different for every individual company that is being drawn up.

–          Sectors like eCommerce and certain manufacturing industries like Auto and bicycle are bound to see growth.

4. Ms. Soma Banerjee, Member of SME Council, NASSCOM East, Co-Founder & CEO of Business Brio emphasized  on  New and Emerging  Models of Employee/Employer  Engagement in the IT Industry. Her topic of discussion included key points like :

–          Synergy between employer and employee in working for the betterment of the organization.

–          Engagement strategy based on three principles which are Trust, Caring and Communication.

–          The right way of Engagement is by Inspiring Leadership, providing better career development and learning opportunities along with a Transparent Internal Communication.

–          Use of technology like AI for hiring as well as Employee engagement have brought a lot of advantages like hiring time coming down, interview of a larger pool of applicants as well as a considerable saving in recruitment costs.

– Mr. Vishal Bansal, Talent Acquisition Lead, HP Inc (has moderated the panel discussion)

5. Mr. Avijit Laha, HR Head,Business Unit, Tata Consultancy Services  stressed on how teams have to reorient themselves into the new normal and for new joiners in a virtual team .He also highlighted several points like :

  • Have more collaboration, faster acclimatization and accountability and the ability to multitask.
  • Be aware of the business values and ethics and understand the significance of data privacy and security in the new scenario which involves a lot of remote and digital working.
  • Acclimatize  to the process automation happening in the organization
  • Have a culture for a continuous learning and adapting vis a vis the job


6.  Ms. Sagorika Kantharia, Ex-Head HR (CHRO), Jagran Prakashan Ltd said:

  • Adaptability of the employee to the new normal as a workplace has changed exponentially and the quicker the employee is adapting to the changes he or she will become valuable to the organization.
  • Emotional Intelligence while working remotely how to manage and maintain professional relationship
  • Creativity and Innovation along with Design Thinking need to be adopted by existing employees in the new scenario.


 7. Mr. Rohan Lele, HR Leader, Zydex Industries discussed on  Behavioral attributes which need to be adopted keeping with the current scenario with highlighted points mentioned below :

  • To have a learning attitude by keeping oneself constantly updated to what’s happening in one’s profession.
  • One needs to move out of their comfort zones and adapt to new roles by adding value to their contribution.
  • Developing complementary skills which add value to their profession and career.


8.  Ms. Smita Nair Jain, Senior Divisional Vice-President, Sears Holdings India said :

  • Stressed on the need to upgrade both hard skills and soft skills in the current pandemic situation where the whole scenario has changed. Highlighted some of the skills which are going to be in demand because of the changed situation.
  • Cloud computing skills will be in great demand as remote working is the new norm and this technology solution helps organizations transition to smoother functions with minimal disruptions.
  • Another skill sets which new job seekers can enhance or learn are  Cyber Security and Data Security experts as digital working has become the new normal

Mr. Anish Viswanath

Senior Manager- Corporate Relations and Career Development 

University of Engineering and Management, Jaipur


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