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One night My 60 years old self inquired , ‘Hey Mayukh you became the best promising entrepreneur , still you are educating yourself, with full enthusiasm like the past.’

I replied,

Because till now, I am a true student of EEE (Education -Engineering -Entrepreneurship) and an admirer of FE (Futuretronix Education) the best education institute which keeps my passion awake.

Touching the MileStone:

I remember my school days, when I used to practice cricket for CAB(Cricket Association of Bengal) under 14 category, It educated me how to become an all-rounder and how to convert into a good leader.

When I started helping  my classmates and juniors in solving their queries, I thought I could be a good mentor.

I developed an aura of affection towards the Electro power system in Physics which made me opt for a Diploma in “Electrical and Electronics Engineering”.

UEM (University of Engineering & Management) gave me a chance to nurture with the current through Electronics & Communication Engineering  department supported by a well-equipped lab  in BTech to fulfill my dream to be an Engineer.


During my college days I discovered I could be the best mentor like Prof. Sandip Sir (Head of the department –Electronics and Communication Engineering) and best guide like Prof. Dr. Biswajoy Chatterjee   (Vice Chancellor of UEM) so I decided to assemble a set up for numerous awaited visions of my  young bright-eyed and passionate thrives. But in the meantime, I got the job in Ryatus Proinfra as a Signaling and Telecom Engineer : Project.



When I remember my childhood days , I can visualize the melodies which came out of my computer, I felt it consumes more power and I asked myself, ‘why can’t I fix that problem?’ I can have that much data storing capability on my Mobile or Pen drive like the Computer. So I decided to opt for a Master degree in VLSI design and Technology, followed by a  Research in VLSI Design field. Now I help students using my invention , ‘SAVIODRIVE’ , considered as the most compressed device.

But dreams should have a physical existence and should impact to the reality. To enhance my vision, I configured my own start-up Futuretronix Education, a conceptualized method with innovative- technical -target-oriented solutions along with FuturetronixEducation youtube channel where aspirants would get online  preparation of ESE, GATE, PSU, JE.  Here, Students acquire all materials through the most compressed device known as”SAVIODRIVE” which consumes less power and renders more data storage space. Today the satisfied faces of students acts as a gadget of my satisfaction.


My parents used to say, ‘Never stop learning&Be a Good Human Being’. My elder sister used to say, ‘Listen & learn,earn Respect & Love, don’t claim.’

Their voice functioned as energy boosters and it still triggers by enthusiasm which creates a road of acquiring more knowledge and I promised to do that till my last breath.My target is to empower our society with the user friendly ‘SAVIODRIVE’.


The saying which I always follow,

‘as we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.’- Bill Gates.




Tring Tring !(alarm rings)




The 23 years old I woke up, stopped the  alarm, smiled, and looked into this frame on my wall.


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Mayukh Kotal,
Student, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE),
University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur,
Founder, Futuretronix Education

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