Establishment of Transmission & Distribution Lab

Establishment of Transmission & Distribution Lab (11/0.44 kV GSS) is completed by the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur. The students of UEM Jaipur will now be able to work exactly with the industry standards.

Transmission & distribution refers to the various stages of transferring electricity over wires & poles from generators to a household or to a firm or office. Transmission lines advance sizeable loads of power at a towering voltage level – The level of this voltage is way more extreme to be transferred directly to a firm or an office.

Innovation lab has been set in the University of Engineering and Management Jaipur and its main focus is to come up with fresh ideas and to uplift and encourage students to execute the specific ideas through which an innovation can come into existence. The main focus of this innovation lab is to illustrate cross functional proficiency and fabricate joint ventures to create services and products.

This lab is a live demonstration of controlling and safety apparatus for employees in a real Transmission and Distribution Grid Sub Station (GSS). This lab is also equipped with real-time simulation for relay and breaker switching. This lab will help students to learn about the PLC controlling, SCADA monitoring, switch gears, fault diagnosis, Distribution supply, CT, PT, breakers, isolators, bay and feeder connection, regular maintenance of Transformers and other equipment which are necessary for reliable power supply. Students will also be able to do hand-on practices on this live power system.

It is also a matter of pride for us that UEM Jaipur is the only University in North India to establish this lab at 11000 Volt, only for academic and training purposes.

Department of Electrical Engineering, UEM Jaipur is also planning to charge this GSS with the renewable energy resources (i.e. Photovoltaic Systems) to demonstrate both Interconnected Power System and Isolated Power System Operations.

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