Mr. Raghunandan, Master trainer of Entrepreneurship, Wadhwani Foundation, Formerly National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) visited the University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur and took interactive sessions in batches, on D2C Foundation course for students of MBA 1st semester. D2C or the Direct to customer can fabricate a bridge of extensive positive liaison between the customer and the dealer.The concept was developed in China and it is known to be the process of purchasing goods and products overseas on behalf of the people living in the country. The procedure of developing the communication skills and smartness among the students and developing a glimpse of the market scenario was the main motive of the foundation course. The course would help the students in the near future to develop as an entrepreneur .


Mr. Raghunandan has more than two decades of experience spanning across Industry and Academia. Midst of these, he is also an Entrepreneur with initiatives across Education, Healthcare, Human Resource Management and Green Management domains.

D2C 2

Currently, he is associated with Wadhwani Foundation – National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) with a vision to create successful Entrepreneurs across the country. The process of indulging the youth into the practice of doing something of their own is a way of creating a self made environment. These foundation courses are done at a regular interval iat UEM,Jaipur and the procedure of innovation is done throughout the year. The main vision and mission of these courses is to uplift the students and prepare them for the future through which they can make a mark of their own diversity and expertise.

D2C 3

To consume the fruit of success on e should keep on trying the new fangled options and nurture the un-figured diversities. The efforts which are made on a daily basis results in achieving extensive success. Skill development, hardwork and dedication are considered to be the three pillars of achieving success and with these innovative ideas and workshops the students would glorify themselves in the outer world.

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