Colours of a hostel life

As the tide of the school life concludes, the curtains for graduation opens up with options floating around like magnetic aromas. Parents fumble with decisions and arguments, but the scenario for the students of science transforms into a bit angelic as the virtuous track of “technology” scamper’s with their present. Being, a professor of engineering I can assure about the tracks being perfectly ok and well maintained for the future.
In this aspect, I want to present a simple question to all the parents – As an engineer do you want to see your ward captivated in a nutshell near your? Or you want to witness his/her glorification throughout the entire globe? I am pretty much sure about the The 2nd option would be more alluring for you.
Secondly I would like to convey another question, “Do u believe that practice makes perfection”? If you believe so and has raised hands for the second option to my first question, then while in the time of admission, why you are making a trial of admitting him/her in a campus where that he/she can stay at home, eat at home and make a daily journey to and fro the institution? As an engineer if I were to opine, I would suggest that an engineer should lead a hostel life as a successful engineering career demands “independent doing”. “Be a builder and convert yourself into a maker”.

The art of self governing is learnt through a hostel, from arranging the food, to wash the dishes, to wash the clothes and then have the food in time, so as not to miss it, sleeping in time, so as to reach the institution in time the next day after fighting for even a position in the bathroom. Isn’t it so?

The professional engineering arena demands team work which stands on the factors like sharing and caring. Hostel life teaches him/ her to share his/her room, belongings, liking, even habits with his/her roommate which in turn concludes with the phenomenon of caring for the fellow roommate . In short, he/she learns “adjustment”.

Hostel life diminishes the daily time killing communication problem which provides him/her that extra time to study and what I have seen in my students of UEM Jaipur. Engineering also demands product development, I have seen my students working in their laboratory, even in midnight, not once, but nights after nights, developing products without the fuss of the outside world.
The four years of engineering demands extensive hard work . These four years highly demands extensive involvement in college and experimentation. One cannot be a good engineer if he or she fails to get the glorification of the college laboratories at his/her convenience at any given point of time. At hostels your ward will get the chance to attain the laboratories even during the evenings. From the “dawn to dusk” your child will be in the process of boundless learning.

Would you as a guardian would want to see your child as your own guardian in the future?. Ask yourself, are you helping the cause of your dream with which you are admitting your child to engineering. Don’t worry, you will have the ample amount of time to pamper your child in every vacation, a….n….d in a complete residential campus, vacations are a bit gigantic.

By Saurav Mookherji

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