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UEM Jaipur wholeheartedly congratulates Abhijit Dutta, current 3rd year CSE (2021 to be passing out batch) of UEM Jaipur for having acquired very early ????????????? ????????? ????? ?? ?????? ???????? ???? ???????? ?????? ?? ???? ??? (?? ? ?????) ??? ?????.

This is the EARLIEST POSSIBLE START (may be the earliest in the country) of acquiring job offers by current 3rd year (2021 to be passing out batch) students of the University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur and it’s an INTERNATIONAL PLACEMENT.

Placement at the University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur:-


– In 2019, the placement percentage achieved was 123.22% (ratio of number of job offers to the number of opting students).


– In 2020, till February end, the placement achieved was 97.39% and with all online placements continuing, students of 2020 will surpass the records of 2019 batch.


– In 2020 till now, 1 student got 9 job offers, 1 student got 5 job offers, 1 student got 4 job offers, 10 students got 3 job offers, rest all students got 1 or 2 job offers.


– All classes are being held online through ZOOM / WebEx / Youtube Live with live lecture and desktop sharing. All classes of the coming semesters (including new batch) will also be conducted in the same way.


– All laboratories are being held online through Virtual Labs.


– Assignments are being shared and monitored through Google classroom.


– Exams are being conducted online through IEMCRP – E-governance software.


– Placements are being conducted online and during lockdown, students have got job offers from Capgemini, internship offers from Capital Box, Lancers Counsel, Krypton with “Work from Home ” opportunities.


– Prospective admission seekers are requested and suggested not to lose a year and opt for admissions at the earliest to be in line with the current academic year.


– For admissions from home through online method (with all classes, laboratories, exams through online method), call at 9887313330. You may make a Whatsapp video call at 9887313330 for face to face counselling. Admissions may be taken online at admission.uem.edu.in with features of scanning all your documents, online payment and receipt generation.

By Saurav Mookherji

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