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Wind Turbine developed by students of UEM Jaipur

This is a more efficient wind turbine designed by the students of the University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur.

The reason for its better efficiency is a difference of operation principle. This is Magnetically levitated, which means that same poles of two magnets are present facing each other as shown in the middle of the video, which enables the bearing of the wind turbine not to touch the surface (avoiding frictional force which may restrict the rotation) using maglev.

This allows the rotation of the turbine blades in less wind speed, allowing more energy generation, as you can see in the video, the wind turbine rotation speed, even within the hostel rooms of the University campus.

The project was done by :-
Kingsukh Roy, Dipankar Talukdar, Simanta Chandan Das and Rakesh Barman – students of UEM Jaipur under the mentorship of Prof. Shasthi Charan Hens and HOD Prof. Umesh Gurnani.