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Vigorus Healthtech Private Limited (Chikitsa)

Company name – Vigorus Healthtech Private Limited (Chikitsa)
About –
Chikitsa is a blockchain-based hospital, doctor, clinic, path lab and pharmacy management system which stores complete data on the blockchain and provides seamless and transparent data records to patients on their mobile application. Patients can easily access their medical records digitally by using our application and can share their medical records with any registered doctor on a single click. This solution will help our country for better healthcare system management across the country.
Website – https://www.vigorushealth.com/
Industry – Hospitals and Health Care
Headquarters – Jaipur, Rajasthan
Founded – 2011
Specialties – blockchain and artificial intelligence
Chief executive officer – Chanchal Goyal
Chief Technology Officer – Chirag Goyal
Proposed Model –
To develop a digital ballpoint pen & pad that records what you write, as you write. It works and feels like a traditional pen, but captures everything you write as digital data, stores it and allows you to transfer it to a computer or smart phone compatible service as required. That’s what it means to write live data analyzer. It has combined small-sized, cost-efficient components with low power consumption and a long battery life to create the most versatile digital pen ever. Built-in wireless communication and USB capabilities keep you connected, and with minimal to no additional training or changes to your business processes required, you can write and store it digitally right away.