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Sign Language Recognising Device has been developed by 2nd year students of UEM Jaipur

2nd year students of the University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur – PINAKESH ROY, RONOBRATA PAUL, PRIYANKA BISWAS and SWASTIKA KUNDU (under the guidance of their mentor SHOPAN DEY), have developed this very handy small size (size of a mobile phone) SIGN LANGUAGE RECOGNISING DEVICE.

A person unable to speak can carry this device, and convey their statements or messages to another properly speaking person through voice output, jene making the second person understand that sign language.

This portable platform can also be taken in use while teaching specially abled students.

Also, recognition of objects can be performed by this handy device.

At the moment the signs of the alphabets have been trained to the device. However, the device can be trained to understand any word through SIGN LANGUAGE.