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Robot subscribing platform developed by students of UEM Jaipur

The students of the University of Engineering & Management (UEM), Jaipur have developed this interesting concept of a robot subscribing platform. Their website called IBOTS can be used as this platform for subscription of robots kept elsewhere for a limited time, and those robots can be made to control from the place where the subscriber is present.

When a robotics competition is held at different big international levels or even at small scale at different technical festivals, then various robotics professionals or students cannot participate because they need to go to the place of competition with their robots, which often is not a possibility for them.

So the idea is that, using this platform, robotics professionals or students can subscribe to different robots kept at the place of the competition and can make the robots function from their native place. Using the platform after subscription of the robots, the robots can be made to function in any way, that the subscriber would like to.

The project has been done by Mr. Sourav Banerjee, Mr. Sparsh Dutta and Mr. Ankit Verma under their mentor Prof. Souvik Saha.