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Placement in IEM-UEM group

Placement has actually become a regular affair for the students of the University of Engineering & Management (UEM).

On 7th February, 2017, one student, Mr. Sadar Alam from UEM Jaipur got selected in Viney Corporation out of their total recruitment of 4 students from entire Bengal.

On 8th February, 2017, three students of UEM Jaipur Ms. Amrita, Mr. Arghya and Mr. Soham got recruited in Dee Power Corporation, Core Company out of the total number of 12 students, the company will recruit from entire India this year. And on 9th February, 2017, 6 students of UEM Jaipur (3 from Mechanical and 3 from Electrical) got shortlisted for the final round of “Saent India” core company.

Again on 10th February, 2017, one student from UEM Jaipur – Mr. Sayak Mukherjee got placed in Amazon.

In 2016, all students of UEM got 1 to 2 job offers on average.

We are on the verge of achieving the same record for the students of 2017 batch also.