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Industrial Training

Day 1: Industrial Training:
Topics Covered:
1. Understanding of mechanical and wind load stress impact on solar structure components, like rafters, purlin, sag beam, bracing.
2. Selection criteria of cold formed channel sections as per IS 811:
3. Manipulating grid, nodes, beam elements, translation and rotation of components in various global coordinates, defining material properties and assigning sections.
Day 2: Industrial Training on Solar PV Mounting structures using FEM
based application:
Topics Covered:
1. Defining and assigning sections: Channel with Lip and channel without lip section, pipe.
2. Defining and assigning fixed boundary condition.
3. Use of Beta angle properties to form bolt, weld connection between web of rafters, bracing and purlins.
4. Use of offsets properties to rotate column to maintain web to web connection.
5. Defining, and assigning dead load as per IS 875 Part 3, 2015.
6. Brief introduction to wind load calculation specification as per IS
875 Part 3, 2015.
Day 3: Industrial Training on Solar PV Mounting structures Using
FEM based application:
Topics Covered:
1. Analyzing and applying wind load on purlin, rafter, bracing. column and sag road, as per IS 875 Part 3 2015 in the application.
2. Defining load combination as per IS 456:2000 in the application.
3. Defining design codes for steel and cold form steel material, IS 800 and IS 801 in the application.
4. Defining parameters like FYLB, permissible stress.
5. Designing the structure, understanding the process of interpreting design output and checking for failed components and redesigning.
We would like to thank our Course Instructor, Prof. Paulami Das Choudhury. All the sessions were very engaging.
Also special thanks to Prof. Samrat Saha for initiating theftraining.
Thanks IIC for aligning this training with the IIC Thrust Areas.
We are always thankful to VC Sir, Registrar Sir and Dean Sir for continuous support and motivation.

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