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Celebrating World Entrepreneurship Day with AAVISHKAR!

Celebrating World Entrepreneurship Day with AAVISHKAR!

On August 21st, E-Cell, UEMJ successfully conducted an Entrepreneurship Outreach Program titled “AAVISHKAR: Molding Young Minds for Tomorrow.” The event was held at Rajasthan Senior Secondary School, Shrimadhopur.
The program’s mission was to equip students with insights into entrepreneurship and the pivotal role played by an E-Cell. Through engaging activities, students delved into the world of startups, understanding how they can transform their ideas into practical solutions.

A highlight of the event was the engaging “Startup Logo Challenge, where students identified logos of renouned startups like Facebook Meta, and Google. This activity not only injected fun and interactivity but also acquainted students with the impressive journeys of well-known companies that started as small ventures.
The session primarily catered to 11th and 12th graders, a crucial phase where career paths are contemplated. By introducing them to the concept of entrepreneurship and the array of opportunities it offers, the program aimed to spark inspiration and encourage them to think beyond conventional career choices.

The initiative undertaken by UEMJ through this Outreach Program aimed to plant the seeds of entrepreneurship among students, equipping them with essential skills and a forward-thinking mindset to embark on successful entrepreneurial ventures in the future.

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