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Career in Physiotherapy at UEM Jaipur

If you have ever thought of a shining career in Physiotherapy, we request you to give 5 minutes of your time to read this:-

Physiotherapy is extremely interesting as a course option, especially for those who have an inclination towards knowing the human body better. When I went abroad to American countries, I saw there is a lot of respect for the physiotherapists, in many cases, even above the doctors, considering the fact that the physiotherapists provide cure without the use of medicines, as against the practice of doctors of medicine.

My mind wholeheartedly seconds this thought process, and as a result when I opted to study a bit about physiotherapy, I came to know that there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of physiotherapists in our country. In India, as against a requirement of lakhs of physiotherapists, there are merely thousands, which gave me the impetus to start BPT as a course in our University (UEM Jaipur), to counter the gap between the requirement and supply, and provide for enormous job opportunities for the students opting for this course.

If the subject doesn’t interest one, and he/she is not quite sure whether to choose the course or not, that does not limit him/her to becoming only a physiotherapist. There are many significant career options for physiotherapy students to consider upon graduation.

Physiotherapists take a holistic approach in treating each person, they work closely with other’s health and social care professionals/agencies to ensure client involvement is present throughout the care process, and that the best possible care is given.

Physiotherapists have two important roles:

Curing ailments – One can use the scientific knowledge of human body functions to heal people post accidents, minor or major.

Preventing ill-health– They can teach the ways to avoid reasons that lead to poor health conditions that are commonly the reason of the recurring health problems which are otherwise treated by high dosage of medicines.

The choice of the role is completely on the individual and their inclination towards the work function.

1) Treating Disability:-
The understanding of the human body people gain through the physiotherapy course (as well as the practical experience of dealing with patients) equip them with the perfect set of skills to look after clients with restricted mobility.

2) Sports Therapist:-
For the ones interested in sports there is an option to become a sports therapist. Here one can use their physiotherapy qualification to pursue a career in sports therapy. A sports therapist will advise athletes on how to train and compete as well as assist in rehabilitation after injury.

3) Public Health Official:-
Public health concerns itself with the medical welfare of the population in general. A public health official will be in charge of maintaining health standards and taking responsibility for the local healthcare budget, ensuring that people have access to required resources.
An entry level position is often admin-based, but as one moves ahead in the career they are given more responsibilities.

4) Fitness:-
Many physiotherapy students with an interest in sports may also find work within local health spas and private fitness facilities. Once they graduate their understanding of the human body should provide them with the skills required to work in senior training roles.

5) Physiotherapist:-
One of the most popular career options for students in this area is to find work as physiotherapist. A physiotherapist is responsible for restoring bodily functions to an adequate level followed by illness or an injury.

A physiotherapist also suggests certain exercises over a period of time which helps strengthen muscles in certain areas of the human body and if patients continue with those exercises they should feel significant reduction in pain.