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Big Data Analytics Conclave organised by CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)

Big Data & Analytics Conclave organised by CII (Confederation of
Indian Industry)
on 22nd November 2023 at Hotel Leela Palace, New Delhi
Some Eminent Speakers
Mr Vinod Sood
Chairman, CIl Regional Committee (NR) on Digital Transformation (DX) and Co-Founder & Managing Director
Hughes Systique
Ms Himani Agrawal
Country Head – Azure
Microsoft India
Mr Karthik Neelakandan
Vice President & Head, India Business Infosys
Mr Alok Gupta
Founder & CEO
Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensics
Mr Gaurav Malik
Chief Strategy Officer
Successive Digital
Mr P Balaji
Chief Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Officer, Vodafone Idea
Mr Prakash Palanisamy
Director, Consulting
Deloitte India
Mr Atul Govil
Chief Transformation Officer & Business Head
India Glycols Limited
(One of India’s largest chemical companies)
Dr B K Murthy
General Manager (Projects)
NIXI-CSC Data Services Ltd. (Gol)
Mr Prashant Rai
Principal Consultant & Analytics Expert
Mr Bala Chitoor
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Flamenco Tech
Mr Vimal Manchanda
Chief Operating Officer
Samvardhana Motherson Health Solution Ltd (Part of Samvardhana
Motherson Group)
Mr Saurabh Agarwal
CXO Advisor – Growth Marketing & Analytics
Mr Sunil David
Member, CIl DX Committee (NR) and Digital Technology Consultant & Ex Regional Director, AT&T India
Ms Shaveta Wadhera
Managing Director – Consulting
Mr Ashish Ranjan
Chief Digital Officer
National Engineering Industries Ltd
Mr Subeer Sehgal
Head – Data Governance
Fractal Analytics
Ms Romila Mattu
India Practice Director
Mr Rajesh Ramdas
Senior Director – Field Engineering India
Mr Biswajit Bhattacharya
Member, CIl DX Committee (NR) and Partner
IBM India & South Asia
Mr Amit Sinha Roy
VP, Global Head of Strategic Alliances
TATA Communications
Mr Aveekshith Bushan
VP – Asia Pacific & Japan
Aerospike Inc
Mr Sushant Jain
Director – Engineering
Hughes Systique
Mr Sandeep Zadoo
Head – Data, Analytics & Technology Business
SAP India

Key Point Discussion
How are Al and machine learning innovations reshaping traditional data analytics approaches?
What industries have seen the most transformative impacts from advanced data analytics, and why?
Can you share examples of recent breakthroughs in data analytics that extend beyond Al and machine learning?
• What challenges do organizations face when adopting cutting-edge data analytics technologies, and how can they overcome these hurdles?
• What potential ethical concerns arise with innovations in data analytics, and how can they be addressed in practice?
• How can businesses identify their most valuable data assets for monetization, and what criteria should they consider in the process?
• What are the ethical and privacy considerations associated with data monetization, and how can organizations navigate these concerns while maximizing value?
• What strategies and business models are most effective for successfully monetizing data, and can you provide examples of companies that have excelled in this area?
• How does data quality and accuracy impact the success of data monetization initiatives, and what steps can organizations take to ensure data integrity?
In what ways can data monetization drive innovation within an organization and foster collaboration with external partners or customers?
• What are the key technological advancements expected to shape the future of big data and analytics, and how will they impact businesses and industries?
• How can organizations prepare for the increasing emphasis on real-time data analysis and decision-making in the evolving landscape of data analytics?
• What role will ethical considerations and data privacy play in the future of big data and analytics, and how can companies navigate these challenges effectively?
• Are there specific industries or sectors that are likely to experience the most significant transformations in their data analytics practices, and why?
Can you provide insights into the skills and talent requirements for professionals aiming to excel in the future of big data and analytics?
Mr. Sachin Pandey, Senior Manager – Corporate Relations and Prof Jyoti Khandelwal – Assistant Professor – Department of Computer Science and Engineering attended the event on behalf of the
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