Which BTech branch is best for the future?

Engineering in itself is an excellent option for a great career in one’s life. It includes several specialisations and other options that would help you build a successful career. But have you ever given a thought to understand which is the best B Tech branch that can assure a better future? Of course, all the specialisations in engineering come with their own advantages, but a few of them do come with a few advantages over the others.

Which B tech branch is best for future?

In the order of preference, and based on the current standards of technological advancement, the following branches of B tech have been known to offer an advanced benefits as long as the future is concerned.

Computer Science and Engineering

In today’s world driven by the internet and other allied aspects, Computer Science and engineering are the best for the future. The growing focus on automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning has placed a lot of impetus on this branch of B Tech. The subject covers a huge range of topics that include computation, programming languages, program design, computer hardware, and software.

Aeronautical Engineering

This branch of B Tech focuses on how to work with aircraft and their design. You can become a designer, researcher or a manufacturer of satellites, aircraft, and spacecraft. With only a few people opting for aeronautical engineering, there has been a massive demand for the people well-versed in the subject. It can be a great choice if you want to join the high-end companies such as HAL, ISRO and many others.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The AI engineering was not a separate entity until now, but it has begun growing in stature of late. The focus on the AI systems and automation in most of the day-to-day tasks has made it quite obvious to study the artificial intelligence and its nuances. The job would involve researching, building, and designing self-running artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

Mechanical engineering

The evergreen Mechanical branch of engineering has a lot of career prospects. It is perhaps one branch of engineering that has a say in almost every other branch. You will need mechanical engineers to build machines that create software or even build structures. Even food industries need mechanical engineers for air conditioning and boilers. It can be something that will never die or go out of sync.

Electronics And Communication Engineering

The Electronics And Communication Engineering deals with the devices such as mobile phones, satellites and other possible means of communication. It also extends to include the embedded systems as well. Right from robotics to other allied aspects, Electronics And Communication Engineering does play a primary role.

We have shared information about a few prime B Tech branches touted to be the best for the future. Not that this is an exhaustive list, but it should provide you with an idea of the engineering branches that offer a great pay and a better option for career growth. Check through the article to find what is best for you, and choose your preferred branch wisely at the best B.Tech Engineering College in Kolkata.

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