Some Misconceptions about Learning Coding are Exposed for You

Several myths regarding coding linger in the market and, the worst part is that they deter people from learning programming and coding. This is not correct. In fact, programming offers a rewarding career option. Therefore, to become a programmer, you have to first shed off the misconceptions about coding. Debunking these beliefs will give you a chance.


Learning coding is not as difficult as people assume. An individual who can write and read already has the necessary skill to begin with the learning process. If you know how to write and read, then you can learn how to code.

Learning to code is much like learning some other language. However, some languages are hard to learn like Arabic and Mandarin while, there are easy ones as well like French, Spanish and English. Either way, you can always learn a language that you wish to speak. The only thing you need is desire, inclination and effort. Similar is the case with programming.

Code is nothing but a language a machine uses for communication. It has syntactical structure and vocabulary of its own. If you give effort to learn it, then you can definitely learn coding.


It is a very wrong conception that one has to be expert in math to become a programmer. An efficient programmer requires to have enhanced capability of solving problems using code instead of being an expert in math. So, the thing that “you have to an expert in math” is completely a misconception. It is true that you require certain amount of knowledge in math for handling problems but, it will not be anything from your school academic curriculum.


Is technology boring to you? You have to look beyond coding. In modern day, we all use technology in every task and that needs some kind of code. In writing a program, you can show all your creativity. You can also use your coding skills for various implementations, asides creating smartphone applications and websites. For instance, you can use coding for building software for modern vehicles, creating video games and similar other things.

It is all about figuring what is interesting to you and then applying programming abilities to that particular activity for betterment.


Coding is not meant for young people only. As a matter of fact, there is no age bar for learning new things. You can learn about programming whenever you want, even if you did not have any exposure during the early years. It is a dynamic field and has increased demand.  Irrespective of age, you can always try to master new things, provided you have determination and zeal to acquire new skills.

Hopefully, some of the myths about becoming a programmer are debunked. Thus, move head, work hard, be patient and result in the programming field will automatically come.

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