Do Twitter Ads Work? – Understand the Underlying Process

Twitter ads can have an “engagement rate” of 1-3 percent, significantly greater than Facebook‘s typical CTR of 0.119 percent. The advantage to Twitter is that its adverts are displayed in-stream rather than on the side. However, standard CPM (cost per impression) on Twitter is substantially higher, up to $3.50, compared to $0.59 on Facebook, and Twitter doesn’t somehow publish ROI statistics (109 percent for Facebook).

Twitter Ads Cost 

Twitter ads cost is determined by the type of ad you choose, comprising boosted tweets, boosted accounts, and boosted trends. Each action on promoted tweets costs $0.50 to $2.00. Each follow-on promoted account costs $2 to $4. Movements that are promoted cost $200,000 every day. Continue reading to learn more about Twitter ad rates and how to start a cost-effective promotion for your company!

In India, how much do Twitter ads cost?

Thanks to Twitter Ads for offering a pay-as-you-use model. The ads campaign is tailored to fit all budgets, whether a small business or a large corporation. The good thing about Twitter Ads is that there is no minimum spend requirement, and you will have complete control over your spending in campaigns.

In India, Twitter has begun to provide its advertising services. However, the program is still very much in the early stages and is quite expensive. In India, Twitter ads cost roughly $9130 for 24 hours (Rs 5.5 lakhs), and it is not reasonable to invest that much in this situation.

The only other option is to use third-party ad providers. While reasonably priced, they also come with a cloud of suspicion—results in organic impressions, which aren’t quite as awful as they sound. If you are a small business, obtaining organic glances and leads will benefit you more in the long term than any ad service. You will make a lot of money, and your prospects will be genuine.

What is an impression on Twitter?

This is where one of the metrics of brand presence is impressions. For instance, if you want your pizza business to be known on Twitter, you’ll be interested in how many instances your Tweets have appeared in someone’s newsfeed in a month. More than likely, you want a specific sector of Twitter to know about your pizza business.

What is an Impression on Twitter?

Simply put, your Twitter impressions are the number of instances your tweet has been seen. In other words, 500 impressions indicate that your tweet was seen 500 times. Notably, the number of individuals who viewed your tweet via third-party assistance (such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite) or who visited your tweet embedded on a website is not incorporated in your Twitter impressions.

The Bottom Lines

Finally, because the Twitter ads cost differs from other social media platforms, consider what aim you want to achieve before spending on Twitter Ads. It may be advantageous to engage in a Promoted Accounts campaign if you will grow your Twitter followers significantly (though keep in mind that you may get an increase of spambots following you, too). Unless you consider your particular target audience is most engaged on Twitter, try Facebook and Instagram Ads first.

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