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Mr. Soumen Banerjee

Head of the Department

M. Tech (CU),

Ph.D (Thesis submitted – IIEST, Shibpur)

Radio Physics & Electronics

Mr. Mandar Chakrabarti

Assistant Professor

M.Tech (Institute of Radiophysics & Electronics, Calcutta University)

Radiophysics (Microwave Electronics & Space Science)

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Ms. Subhalaxmi Chakrabarty

Assistant Professor

M.E. (BESU- Presently IIEST))

Ph.D. (Thesis Submitted- Jadavpur University)

Optical Fiber and Integrated  Optics

Ms. Priyanka Das

Assistant Professor

M.Tech (IIT KGP)

PHD (Pursuing- Institute of Radio Physics, Calcutta University)

RF and Microwave Engineering

Mr. Sohom Chakraborty

Assistant Professor

M.Tech (University of Calcutta)

Photonics, Nanoelectronics, Electronic Devices

Mr. Amritayan Chatterjee

Assistant Professor


ECE (Communication)


Ms. Rimi Sengupta

Assistant Professor



Microelectronics and VLSI Design

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Ms. Kyamelia Roy

Assistant Professor

M. Tech (Jadavpur University)

Intelligent Automation & Robotics


Mr. Indranil Banerjee

Assistant Professor

M.Tech (WBUT)



Ms. Soma Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor

M.Tech (WBUT)



Ms. Karunamayee Dey

Assistant Professor

M.Tech (Jadavpur University)

Control System, Embedded System, Artificial intelligence

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Ms. Somrita Sarkar

Assistant Professor

M.Tech (Institute of Radio Physics, Calcutta University)

Microwave Electronics & Space Science

Mr. Abhishek Sarkar

Assistant Professor



Wireless Communication,

Information Theory

Ms. Piyali Mukherjee

Assistant Professor

M.Tech. (Institute Of Radio Physics and Electronics, University Of Calcutta)

Electronic and Photonic Devices


Ms. Susmita Chaki

Assistant Professor

M-Tech(Jadavpur University)

Intelligent Automation and Robotics

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Ms. Debanjana Ghosh

Assistant Professor

M.E.(Jadavpur University)

Software Engineering (IT)


Mr. Tanumay Manna

Assistant Professor

M.E. (Jadavpur University)

Ph.D. (Thesis Submitted- Jadavpur University)

Wireless Communication

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Dr. Sayani Ghosh

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (Jadavpur University)

Electronic Devices


Mr. Abhishek Ghosh Roy

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (Thesis approved [provisional]- IIT Kharagpur)

Control, navigation and guidance (CNG).

Ms. Soumi Saha

Assistant Professor


(IIT Kharagpur)

Micro-electronics & VLSI

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Mr. Soham Nandi Ray

Technical Assistant

M.Tech (IEM)

VLSI and Microelectronics

  • In addition to this many distinguished academicians and Industry experts are delivering lectures as guest faculty.

News and Achievements

Optronix-2019 conference
admin | 2019-01-07 01:27:16

Poster Competition
admin | 2019-01-07 01:25:45

IEM & UEM won Dewang Mehta National Education award 2018
Upasana Chakraborty | 2018-11-29 11:52:36

Poster Competition by Civil Engineering Department at UEM Kolkata
Upasana Chakraborty | 2018-11-24 14:05:46

Press Releases

Dr. Satyajit Chakrabarti featured in The Bengal Post

IEM Trust opens varsity in Jaipur reported by TOI

Celebration of E-week in association with NEN

Robotics Workshop reported by Guardian


World champion by developing a gaming console (Amantron Gaming console)

IEEE Maker project, IEEE, USA – 2016

Champion East

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2011-2016

Champions Runner-up Award, West

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2016

Rated Silver A+++ Business School

“Just Careers” Magazine, 2011

Best Debutant Award, West

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2015

3rd amongst all Government & Private Colleges in West Bengal

The Telegraph, 2009

One amonst the two finalists from India by dreveloping their own innovative Car

International BAJA SAE Motosports Competition

Outstanding Engineering Institute in Eastern India

Star News, 2011

1st amongst all students of India including all IITs and NITs

NPTEL program (IIT Kharagpur and IIT Chennai), 2016